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2019 – a year of transformation
2019 was a year of change and dynamic growth for Avalon. On our 10th anniversary, in April of 2019, the company was acquired by Devoteam and became Avalon by Devoteam, a part of a global team of 7,200 digital transformakers.


As we enter a new decade, we will symbolically be retiring the Avalon brand to simply be known as Devoteam. This change marks our deep integration with the other Devoteam entities, and our positioning as pioneers within the Group. In the coming weeks you will see this change very visually–we will be using the domain and changing the branding of our channels and materials.


With our vast experience in Google Cloud products and services, our team will harmonize all Google Cloud activities within the Group globally, and play a leading role in the partnership between the two companies. Since joining the Group, Devoteam has now been recognised by Google as a Managed Services Provider (MSP) and added two specialisations under our belt: Work Transformation – Enterprise and Location-Based Services.


Within Salesforce we have recently won one of the single-largest Salesforce non-profit projects ever in Europe. We are still growing our Salesforce teams as well as creating a dedicated team for our third core partner: Okta. The setup creates a perfect foundation for a successful future.


As we continue to grow and develop our offerings in new markets, our management team will remain focused on our next era within the Group. We will drive our organisation in the spirit of our Nordic heritage; respecting our values, our culture, and our people – the key elements that allowed us to become the technology partner of choice for organisations around the world.

Ola Persson - CEO Avalon by Devoteam

Ola Persson
CEO & Founder

  • Ola Persson
    Ola Persson CEO & Founder