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Berghs created their tailored customer success platform in Salesforce

Since 1941, Berghs School of Communication is a highly respected provider of marketing and communication education. Berghs offers online training, as well as on-site programs and courses, and has been awarded with many prizes.

In 2012 Berghs’ administrative support systems were outdated, difficult to manage, and no longer efficiently supported the business. Their well-renowned brand and high quality training courses still made them attractive both as a school and an employer, but Berghs realized that they needed renewal.


We gathered this: to attract new customers, and to continue being an attractive employer, we needed to implement a more modern platform to work from, says Mats Lundquist, CTO at Berghs School of Communication. The situation was also quite vulnerable since we relied on only a few people with knowledge about how to update and maintain the existing systems.

Pre-study and scrutinized work processes

Salesforce’s platform was one of the solutions Berghs looked at. Salesforce is a cloud based platform and offered the functions Berghs had in mind, and more. Berghs decided to conduct a pre-study, and after interviewing several Salesforce consultants they choose Anna Herou, a Salesforce specialist, who performed an assessment and business analysis in close collaboration with Berghs. The result indicated that implementing Salesforce would streamline Berghs’ work processes and make it possible for them to replace several of their legacy systems.

Anna Herou came in with “fresh eyes”, helped us question how we worked and came with ideas of new workflows, and processes, something that we really valued and appreciated, says Mats Lundquist.

Implementing a new way of working

The implementation project was managed by Anna Herou. Focus was put on developing Berghs’ business processes and information handling, thereafter tailoring a platform to administer this. A strategic decision was made by Berghs to make Salesforce their application “mothership”, meaning that all new applications handling business critical data would either lie in Salesforce, or in another application integrated to Salesforce. Most of the historical data was migrated into Salesforce and many legacy systems were replaced.

When implementing a new system, change management, and user training is crucial. Following profound training of the administrators by Anna Herou, Berghs trained their users themselves. By recommendation, Berghs also created a group of Salesforce super users that continue to support the end users, but also are responsible for continuously improving Salesforce and making sure it flourishes together with Berghs. The super user group meets every other week to open issues, next steps, and development needed. This way of working bring the system closer to the end users, creating involvement and spreading a sense of responsibility and ownership.

One of the key values after implementing Salesforce, besides savings in time and money, is that our employees have achieved a higher and more fundamental understanding of our business, says Mats Lundquist.

What Berghs has done is very impressive. They have really succeeded in creating a platform that supports and even enhances their business, says Anna Herou, Head of Salesforce at Avalon Solutions. I feel privileged to have played a part in this journey.

Berghs life with Salesforce today

Today Berghs see Salesforce as a hub in which collected data is turned into information which, in turn, leads to business insight. This business intelligence is used by the management of Berghs when they decide on future focus areas. Berghs can now easily create reports that show what the customers want today, and what is trending to be attractive tomorrow. They have achieved a greater knowledge of their customers, now when they maintain up-to date information about the entire relationship with each individual in one system.

The platform has also made life easier for the administrators. For example: all applications are automatically registered in Salesforce and the entire acceptance process is managed there; feedback from students after a finished course or program goes directly into Salesforce; and the diplomas are automatically created in, and sent from the system.

The IT department can finally spend more time preparing Berghs for future challenges, instead of handling incidents and updates. Furthermore, they are pleased to see that their ideas so easily can be realised, thanks to Appexchange*.

Benefits Berghs achieved with their Salesforce platform

  • Greater knowledge of their customers, maintaining the entire relationship with each individual in one system
  • Being able to offer a modern platform for employees
  • Enabled replacement of several legacy systems, which saved costs and time
  • Automation of many unqualified administrative tasks, which saves a lot of time that now can be spent on developing the business
  • Real time reports and statistics is now instantly available from one single source of truth
  • The company business has become more visible to every co-worker, creating a higher level of engagement
  • Better view over what courses the customers want today, and what is trending to be attractive tomorrow – business intelligence
  • No servers, or updates that need to be managed
  • Data from many sources is turned into information, bringing insight that make up the foundation for management to base business decisions on

With Salesforce we now have a solid platform that we can tailor to our needs and requirements. We don’t have to wait for the solution provider to add functionality we want, but can develop it ourselves, says Mats Lundqvist, IT manager Berghs School of Communication. Salesforce has proven to be a flexible system to grow and develop in, but most of all we are happy with the choice of consultant who really made a contribution to our success.

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