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We are a global, multi-cultural company with offices in Europe and Asia. We were founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2009 (as Avalon Solutions), and we joined the Devoteam group in 2019 to become known as Devoteam. Today we are operating as a separate entity within  the group, with our own culture and values, but closely working with our new family. We are a global leader in Google Cloud technologies.


We believe in an open company culture and relations built on trust. We support our team members in their development, certifications and additional education to deepen their expertise.


On this page you can read about our current open positions and how it feels to be part of the our team.


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  • Marta Zieminska
    Marta Zieminska Recruitment Manager
  • Emilia Gontarz
    Emilia Gontarz Junior Recruiter

We come from different countries, backgrounds, even cultures. But we’re one global team.


We all share the same vision. We all share the same values.


We all share the team’s DNA.


Our vision: Innovating Your Digital Workplace

Our mission: We add value to our customers by delivering a digital workplace based on sustainable solutions from leading innovative partners. This is achieved by our business-oriented personnel and our strong company culture.

Our Values


We are curious about people, technology, and business.



Our relationships are built on trust, empowering us to work as a single, cohesive organisation towards our goals.



We have courage to challenge ourselves, our customers, and our partners.

Culture & Perks

Flexible Work Life

Comprehensive healthcare

Dog Friendly Office

Fitness & Wellness Benefits

Competitive Salary

Education and certifications

Referral bonuses

Generous vacation policy

Open positions

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What our teammates say

  • What I love most about my job? The people at Devoteam is just amazingly beautiful and fun to work with, It never gets boring. We’re all exposed to co-workers from diverse educational, functional, and technical backgrounds, as well as participating on diverse projects with different clients. Another thing that makes me jump out of bed every Monday is that we practise what we preach and the freedom it gives me as a user has improved my own work-life balance.

    Jimmy Jigmo
    Jimmy Jigmo Area Director (Asia)
  • Devoteam is an outstanding company with many opportunities for personal growth. Employees can develop the career path by contributing their best skills and discovering new fields of interest. Working in the Marketing team on diversified projects is a great challenge and the casual work environment gives you wings!

    Maurycy Bor
    Maurycy Bor Community and Online Brand Manager
  • Working as People and Culture and Recruitment Manager in Devoteam gave me a lot of opportunities. I have flexibility with being able to work with both areas that I'm interested in and fulfil my aspirations around it. Our company culture is something that is very important for me, so I can work with implementing it and seeing how much positive impact it can have on our daily work. Possibility of sharing it with my colleagues and showing its importance to our candidates gives me great experience of seeing the growth we can make.

    Marta Zieminska
    Marta Zieminska Recruitment Manager
  • I have been serving Devoteam customers in Norway since Jan 2018, and being a Success Manager for Enterprise customers both in public and private sector the growth of my professional development has been amazing. I love to guide my customers and follow their journey in Cloud, and at the same time learn more about their different products and cloud technologies. The best part of my work is the international environment and diversity of cultures in Devoteam. Its like a wonderful global family that is committed to one common goal that is 'Innovating your digital Workplace'.

    Saima Sadiq
    Saima Sadiq Customer Success Manager
  • What I like about Devoteam is the high amount of responsibility you’re given at such an early stage in your career. I’ve been responsible for architecture discussions for software development projects in Google Cloud, implementation of cloud-native infrastructure and code, as well as pitching to C-level stakeholders on how to best integrate Google Cloud to their business. This may seem daunting, and it can be at times, but Devoteam has given me a great learning environment with senior and knowledgeable mentors to help guide me in my early career. Lastly, working at Devoteam as a Google Cloud Architect means I get to work with the exciting and cutting edge of cloud technology, including Kubernetes, managed services, serverless functions, machine learning, data processing pipelines, and data warehousing and storage.

    Elias Djurfeldt
    Elias Djurfeldt Google Cloud Architect

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