Who we are and what we do

Devoteam is a full service cloud solutions partner, operating in Europe and Asia.


We work with international corporations, startups and public sector to deliver digital workplace products and services from the leading innovative partners. Our offer includes SaaS, PaaS, IAAS, and also hardware.


We partner with leading digital workplace solutions like Google Cloud, Salesforce, and Okta to create a complete portfolio of products and services. Our partners are big and small but they have one thing in common – they deliver the best in class products.

To make sure you are satisfied and that the chosen solutions respond to your needs, we perform a pre-study to understand your challenges and requirements.


With change management as part of the service you can rest assured that implementation of new tools goes smoothly, while our Customer Success Team guarantees the adoption meets your expectations and gives you and your employees satisfaction.


But our work does not stop there. We’re always on the lookout for new technologies, tools and apps to innovate our customers’ businesses even more.

Some of our customers

We love challenges and we work with everyone from all types of industries. We executed projects for municipalities, schools, startups and global corporations with thousands of employees.

How we do it


Before we act, we listen and analyze. We make sure that we understand your business and its challenges and that the solution that we will apply is the best one.


Our tech teams work in the background while our project management and change management experts work with you on the transformation that your organisation is going under.


Our Customer Success Team makes sure you and your teams are well trained and can use the full potential of the tools you have. Our experts are analyzing how the new solutions are enhancing collaboration and improving the way you work so they can recommend further innovations.

If you’d like to tell us about your business and learn more about how we can innovate the way you work, let us know!