We support Enable for Life
We believe in giving back and helping others.


We partnered with Enable for Life, an independent, Denmark based NGO working in India.


Enable is helping young orphaned girls have a safe childhood and provides home and education.

Enable for Life
About Enable for Life
Enable built a children village for girls 7 km outside Tranquebar, Tamil Nadu (in the southern part of India) where girls can feel safe and taken care of. They are given a home and can enjoy their childhood in a safe and friendly environment.


Enable provides schooling and supports growth and development until the children able to fend for themselves. This includes college and in some cases university.


Enable makes sure that 100% of the donations go directly to children. This is possible, because all of Enable’s work is done by volunteers.


Enable’s financial statements are audited by CPA Marian Fruergaard from the firm Nielsen & Christensen Statsautoriseret Revisionspartnerselskab.

Let’s do it together
We chose Enable for Life because we believe in its mission.


We are also impressed by the fact that Enable puts the full 100% of our donations to work.


When we support Enable for Life we know exactly how our contribution will be used. It may be a new well, school equipment for students or a college fee for a specific person.


We encourage you to join us and support Enable for Life.