The healthcare group Ambea has invested heavily in identity management in order to handle all staff flows.


ComputerSweden talks to Ambea’s Head of Architecture and Integration about Okta.


Care and healthcare industry companies are characterised by a significant staff turnover.


This puts a lot of focus on who has access to which tools and systems, how this access is being given and then revoked, especially under the GDPR laws.


Selecting a new identity management platform was an important task, and Ambea decided to pick Okta.


Avalon Solutions worked with Ambea on the implementation.

We started building a stable information architecture as early as 2015, with the establishment of both data storage and integration platform, the identity being the next natural step. Healthcare industry is characterised by high staff turnover and the need for structure and control of the identities is an important factor.

Victor Lysell

Head of Integration and Architecture, Ambea