Avalon by Devoteam visit Teatime Games in Reykjavik

Cloud Partner Summit in Dublin

Teatime Games, Avalon’s customer, did a presentation at a recent Google Cloud Partner Summit in Dublin. Teatime’s CTO, Jóhann Þorvaldur Bergþórsson talked also about the support that Avalon by Devoteam provided to the startup onsite, during a visit to Teatime Games HQ in Reykjavik.

How did Avalon’s Jason Quek (CTO, Lead Cloud Architect) and Matyas Manninger (Solution Engineer) end up working with Teatime?


Jason Quek: Teatime asked Google for support, they had some challenges with the firebase authenticator. Google recommended us and we were happy to help. Next thing you know was Matyas and I on a plane to Reykjavik. We worked with the team, we brainstormed together and delivered a workshop on Cloud Functions, Big Query, MLKit and AutoML.

It’s not Avalon’s first gaming customer. Is there anything specific about this industry?


Jason Quek: Gaming is something that is perfectly suited for GCP. With GCP serverless technology Teatime addresses the issue of high infrastructure costs that gaming companies traditionally have. Gaming companies also target worldwide audiences eventually and the scaleability and global nature of Google Cloud makes this easy to achieve.

How did the cooperation with Teatime go? You mentioned you also learned a lot from them.


Jason Quek: It was interesting to see how wisely they have utilised the best parts of Firebase, and follow the notion of serverless technology so that they focus on the code, and not on operational management. This is something that requires strong will and vision from the technology team. They are also a power user of DataStudio, something that many companies have begun to discover: the power of a serverless reporting platform.

What’s next?


Jason Quek: We will share some tips and tricks around structuring the usage of GCP for traceability and accountability, as well as show the potential of the different ML tools that can be used to delight the users of the gaming platform.

Teatime Games

Teatime Games is an Iceland-based gaming startup that reinvents social games.

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Selected workshops:


Jason Quek (CTO, Lead Cloud Architect)

Matyas Manninger (Solution Engineer)