Blazing Trails: As a Woman in Tech 

“You know that feeling when you’re a young girl and you’re trying on your mom’s clothes, makeup and shoes? That’s how I feel sometimes being the youngest manager at the company”


Emilia Gontarz, Head of People & Culture at Devoteam Cloud Services

Are there any biases you face in this role?


Yes, especially when recruiting people who are more senior than me and with more years of experience. I sometimes see the baffled looks on their faces when I turn on my camera or walk into the room. I enjoy the challenge of changing people’s opinion on young women recruiters working in tech industry.

Do you ever struggle with confidence at your job?


Of course, but I know that management was meticulous in choosing the right person for this role when I think logically about it. They gave me the role because they’re confident I can do the job and do it well.

If you could change something about the way you work, what would it be?


I would love to have a strict schedule with fewer meetings, but I know it’s impossible in a recruitment role. I wish I could have some structured time blocked to get other tasks done outside of interviews and meetings with people.

How do you balance work and life?


I don’t have a problem with that at all. Work ends when I turn off my computer. My dog keeps me on track, and my extra-curricular activities start and end at a specific time.

What’s your ultimate goal? 


I think it’s vital to use the influence I have in this role to impact the culture at DCS positively. I want to help foster a safe environment for all our employees to be seen and heard and feel respected and valued. People are the core of all our values and my own.

What sets DCS apart from other companies you’ve worked with?


Our culture, the benefits, and what it’s like working here. I’m excited to talk about it when candidates ask. We do work flexibly. We really can work from wherever with a focus more on getting work done than being in the office, and I love telling candidates that. Besides, we believe in transparency. DCS makes it their duty to build a culture of trust by placing high value on honesty.

Why did you choose to enter the world of cloud computing/tech?


I worked at a financial consulting firm before, and I had many friends who were coders, and I loved that they had such a relaxed schedule of working and no pressure of corporate culture. They were comfortable and had a lot of freedom in how they chose to work.

What advice would you give to women who want to enter the field of tech?


The best advice I can give to women in tech is to do your best to be visible and vocal. Your job is valid, and so are you.