The company was founded in 1804 by Gerhard Bonnier in Copenhagen, Denmark. Today, Bonnier AB (Bonnier Group) is a privately held Swedish media group of 175 companies operating in 15 countries.


It is controlled by the Bonnier family.


Bonnier News, part of the Bonnier Group, includes the Bonnier-owned Swedish newspapers and their adjacent businesses.

Bonnier News

As an organisation consisting of many different teams and departments, Bonnier News was using multiple tools, mainly O365, but also G Suite to some extent. The leadership decided a consolidation is needed.


The goal was not only to have a unified tool across all teams but rather have everyone on a platform that enables high levels of collaboration, simplifies communication and working on the move.


It was also important that G Suite was the best option from a financial point of view.

We knew we need to focus mostly on change management. The technical side wasn’t a problem, it was people and their mindset that we wanted to focus on.

Liselott Ahlberg

IT-Chef, Bonnier News

Bonnier selected Avalon Solutions, a Google Cloud Premier Partner that the company already knew and worked with before.


Bonnier needed 3200 G Suite Business licenses, the company required migration licenses as well as architecture support, project- and change management services.

Avalon’s work started in March of 2018 and the implementation project was based on Google’s best practice (Planning, Core IT, Early Adopters and Global Go Live). The cooperation between Avalon Solutions and Bonnier News went smooth as both teams worked together in the past.


The main part of the project was officially finished in June of 2018. Bonnier’s IT team decided to use the experience from the project to work on additional migrations on their own, with just a basic support from Avalon Solutions.


The roll out of G Suite was followed by training sessions delivered by Avalon’s team.

We worked really well with Bonniers project team. We had a great support team on the Go Live date with a very specific plan, both from us and from Bonnier.

Lovisa Stenbäcken Stjernlöf

Services Manager Sweden, Avalon Solutions

It was easier than we thought. We finished earlier than we planned.

Liselott Ahlberg

IT-Chef, Bonnier News

Bonnier News’ employees have seen the benefit of the move to G Suite with the improved collaboration and communication options.


“They see a big benefit in meetings and hangouts” says Liselott Ahlberg. “We move and travel a lot, and working together or communicating wasn’t always easy. Now we see a big, positive change”.

Just a few teams are still using the old tools but Bonnier is already working on a migration plan.


The main challenge is a large number of Power Point presentations that were created in sync with Excel files to present the data pulled from sheets.

“You can’t simply move it to Slides, it needs more work”, adds Ahlberg.