Chromebooks took over schools around the world, becoming the top choice for schools not only in Canada and US, but also in countries like New Zealand and Sweden. Why do private and public schools choose Chromebooks over other laptops?

  1. They are affordable
    Chromebooks have a 61% lower cost than laptops offered by the competition. The price makes Chromebooks accessible even for schools with a tight budget.
  2. Chromebooks are built to be shared
    Chromebooks support multiple accounts, they are secure (all software, including the virus protection, updates automatically so they are always up-to-date), and don’t require storing any personal files. Each student can easily access his or her work that is stored on their account in the cloud.
  3. They are easy to manage
    Admins can easily and quickly deploy, manage, and set policies for 100 or 100,000 devices.
  4. They provide access to a wealth of edu apps
    Apps for learning how to code. Apps for video editing, recording music or learning foreign languages. Apps that boost creativity. Games that teach math and geography. With Chromebook all these apps are available to teachers and students to support the learning process.

We chose Chromebooks for their ease of use and the speed at which students can access their digital work

Mats Johnson, Head of ICT, Malmo City Schools (source)

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