Cloud Computing

We pride ourselves in finding and delivering solutions as unique as the verticals they are intended to serve. Move to the cloud with the right layers of support. We have experience in anticipating and solving the challenges specific to your trade.

VM Migration

We offer enterprises a competitive advantage through VM migration that can’t be paralleled outside of virtualisation. Devoteam continues to deliver high availability of applications and smarter disaster recovery to many of our customers. Discover the possibilities of VM migration with us.

Hybrid Cloud

We know there’s no need to limit your enterprise to one cloud provider when it can benefit from all the best points of a hybrid cloud environment. Our certified team will help you select the right multi-cloud strategy that is as dynamic as your business needs and core objectives.


Our SAP-certified specialists help companies aptly run their SAP workloads on GCP. Work with us and benefit from efficient disaster recovery, high availability and virtually no maintenance downtime with continuous live migration on a low latency network.

Cloud-Native Application Development

Take the hassle out app building with cloud-native app development. Our Application Developers will help you build apps that your users want faster. Optimise your current apps with Devoteam and seamlessly integrate them into your business to get smarter insights on your customer experience. 

Data Warehouse

Join the growing list of companies who are modernising their data facilities with Devoteam. Data Warehouse Modernisation with us is bigger than simply migrating to the cloud. It’s unlimited storage, a more comprehensive range of access to secure data and smarter processing of all your data tiers in real-time.