Build and run modern apps on a serverless platform with Google Cloud

Businesses are adopting innovative digital initiatives to forge brighter connections with their customers. Cloud-Native Application Development gives companies the velocity, reliability and security they need to build and run effective applications that drive better customer experience. 


With Devoteam, you can focus on developing your code in a container-based environment without experiencing vendor lock-in on the Google platform.


We’ll help you build, test and run your app without risk and enjoy multi-cloud deployment with CI/CD pipelines. Instantly scale up or down with an elastic infrastructure depending on user traffic. 


Built-in security and compliance and other microservices throughout your entire developing process ensure the best version of your software gets deployed.

Our deliverables

Design and Documentation

We’ll provide a comprehensive blueprint for your application architecture. Further documentation of the concepts, assumptions, limitations and microservice design are included. These can be found from the AADD (Application Architecture Design Document).

Source Code

The source code will be committed to a code repository and follow naming conventions. It will be automatically checked by an industry-standard tool for code guidelines. E.g. pep-08 for Python.

CI / CD Pipeline

Cloud-Native continuous integration and a deployment pipeline will be put in place. Changes to source code will be able to be deployed in either a cadence or automatically. Different checkpoints, such as unit testing and integration testing, will be implemented.

Cloud-Native Application

Cloud-Native applications will be running and stable at this stage, having undergone continuous logging and monitoring. By this point, users will have completed user acceptance testing, and handover will be considered complete.