Faster analytics and smarter data in the cloud

Limitless data storage, secure and accessible data to globally distributed teams, and dynamic processing of large data sets in real-time are only a few of the benefits linked to moving to a cloud-based data warehouse.

Get the Most Out of Your Data with Google Cloud:

Smarter data insights in shorter cycles 


As the cornerstone of Business Intelligence, BigQuery permits uninterrupted data transformation, integration and analysis. Get your projects up and running in virtually no time and modernise your data infrastructure with Google’s proven migration methodology.

Modernise your infrastructure and optimise costs


Streamline your workloads and run analytics with the ML-powered BigQuery and see as much as up to a 52% decrease in your TCO

Secure your data in Google Cloud 


Trust Big Query’s next-gen cybersecurity infrastructure to keep your data safe. Smooth migration with no downtime.



Technical Analytics Design Document


An implementation blueprint created in the pre-study phase with customer stakeholders.


Key points covered in this document are

  • ETL design
  • Data Warehouse outline
  • Data discovery
  • Timeline


Data Warehouse and ETL



The ETL pipelines are tested and delivered along with the Data Warehouse. Additionally, the ETL pipeline should be scalable.


Included in the delivery is the CI /CD for ETL and Schema changes of the Data Warehouse.


The Data Warehouse will be reconciled against the previous data warehouse and signed off by the customer.





Any functional visualisations on the previous data warehouse will be migrated over to the new data warehouse and also reconciled to ensure that the reports show the same results.


The implementation of Looker may also be included in this deliverable, along with the relevant best practices.





Cost optimisations on BigQuery will be conducted after the usage of the new data warehouse.


Suggestions such as converting to a flat-rate plan may be warranted if usage matches the need.

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Here’s what you can look forward to:


Modern BI & analytics

Smarter visualisations updated in real-time so you can leverage your company’s underlying data.


Better, blended insights

Give your team a unified view of new and relevant data so they can make smarter decisions with better insights.


Data-driven workflows

Uncover the possibilities of your data in every aspect of your business. Streamline your workflows with real-time analytics and maximise your investments.