Globalise Your Reach with a Hybrid Cloud

It’s no wonder most organisations use more than one public cloud provider. With rapidly growing and dynamic business needs unique to each company, technology innovation leaders know that selecting a multi-cloud strategy is the smartest way to cover all points and face any challenge. Assume a hybrid cloud environment with Devoteam, and let our Hybrid Cloud certified specialists impart the knowledge you need to expertly navigate a hybrid cloud environment.

Devoteam is an Anthos partner, which makes us the best option for going Hybrid with Anthos. With Anthos, your enterprise can modernise workflows and improve productivity in a secure and dependable environment. Build, deploy and manage new and existing applications on virtual machines in a hybrid and multi-cloud setting.  The Anthos platform offers a consistent managed experience for running applications both in the cloud and on-premise.

Why Choose Anthos?

Workloads currently running on multiple clouds take effort to migrate from one cloud provider to another. Anthos makes it easy to shift containers from clusters running on-prem to Google Cloud, or other cloud providers. This presents the opportunity for competitive cluster stability and pricing of resources.


Anthos empowers you to take advantage of the best of each public cloud provider. Enjoy a wealth of options in selecting the best tools for the job.