Optimal Performance on a Secure Foundation:

With so many areas of your business to focus on, let Google Cloud handle the infrastructure. Run SAP workloads on Google Cloud Platform and benefit from efficient disaster recovery, high availability, and virtually no maintenance downtime with continuous live migration. 


The low latency network and automated templates allow faster deployment and accelerated business agility.  GCP is fully managed and designed for any scale. Run SAP and all tiers of data in BigQuery to maximise your data value with smart analytics. 

Leverage Google’s innovative and flexible pay-as-you-go pricing. Wipeout migration and on-premise IaaS costs. 


With a team of experienced specialists to offer 24/7 support, you are never alone on your cloud journey. 


Whether you run SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP HANA Enterprise or the full SAP Cloud Platform, Google Cloud’s alliance with SAP means you’ll benefit from SAP-certified infrastructure for every element of your SAP environment.

From enterprise-wide and large-scale SAP applications to smaller-scale implementations and every use case in between, GCP offers a secure, innovative and cost-efficient solution to get the most value from your SAP data. 


A Google Cloud Premier Partner and an SAP Gold Consulting Partner, Devoteam is uniquely equipped to transform SAP environments to run on GCP.

Here’s How We’ll Do It:

Featherweight Proof of Concepts



Careful testing and planning line the path to success. Work with us to develop and run PoC’s and MVP’s so you can commit to Google Cloud with confidence.

Advancing Intelligence



Google’s BigQuery and BI tools lay the groundwork of our Data Warehousing expertise. Reap the benefits of Google’s ML with our team of data scientists.

Migrate with a VM Migration specialised partner


Moving from on-prem or from another public cloud? We’ll help you plan and execute your migration with minimal disruption.

devoteam google partner of the year

Optimise your infrastructure with certified compute engine instances and rightsize your environment with the elasticity of the Cloud.


Awarded the Google Cloud Reseller Partner of the Year (EMEA) in April 2020, Devoteam can help manage your billing, reduce costs, and maximise your investments in Google Cloud. Regulate your environment with a Google-certified 24/7 Managed Services Partner. 


Our teams of 250 Google Cloud and 75 SAP consultants deliver a hands-on experience to help you understand why SAP on Google Cloud and guide you through the evaluation, implementation, and optimisation.



For customers with in-house SAP expertise, we guide our users in their cloud journey. Upskill your team with our Authorised Trainers to ensure they have the knowledge to take you further.


Work with our Architects, DevOps Engineers, and Support Specialists to ensure your infrastructure is secure and running with built-in high availability and disaster recovery. 

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