Achieve improved efficiency and higher availability with VM Migration

An enterprise that adopts a cloud-based infrastructure adopts the future. In addition to the competitive edge that comes with VM migration, enterprises can experience consistent availability of applications and systems in the event of unexpected faults in a server and maintain business continuity in the face of a disaster.

Reduced costs

Our AI tools recommend proper sizing in the case of an underutilised VM. BigQuery powered cost analyses per service, per hour, per project, per team ensure total cost optimisation and customers that run their VM up to 75% of the time will receive a 60% discount. 

Increased agility

For users that do not make use of all owner permissions, suggestions will be made to lower their viewer permissions after 60 days.


Enjoy OS Patch management with automatic upgrades to your VMs within a maintenance schedule.


Maintain your business continuity with scheduled snapshots that can restore your VM in a single click. With GCP marketplace, you can provision applications from the marketplace directly to your cloud environment.

Eliminate overheads

Google Cloud Platform provides a self-serving platform that erases the management overhead of running a data centre with VPN’s provisioned in the cloud; the customer can easily configure and run a cloud router to connect to on-prem systems.


GCP’s stackdriver agent will log and monitor VM health, and the Titan chip will secure your systems by preventing malware on bootup of your VMs.

How we work?

We use a Cloud Operating Model that represents how an IT organisation executes its cloud strategy. It covers a wide range of capabilities and processes including operations, application development, infrastructure provisioning, financial & security management.

Applications discovery & analysis

  • Analyse applications’ / servers’ information
  • Conduct interviews with applications’ owner

Migration strategy definition

  • Define migration strategy for each application
  • Initiate migration run books for each migration pattern

Migration planning

  • Assess migration complexity, risks and mitigation plan
  • Analyse dependencies and constraints to group applications and build the migration planning

The migration factory executes in an agile way, using parallel sprints to deliver at speed. 


Devoteam is a Google certified MSP (Managed Services Provider) that provides 24/7 run activities for ITOps, SecOps, DevOps, FinOps.