Devoteam supports schools going G Suite

Change is here. Tens of thousands of children and hundreds of schools are switching to online education in a matter of days.


Making a smooth transition to wholly virtual learning platforms can prove challenging for educators and learners alike, especially under unprecedented circumstances.

Students are looking to their educators for direction and as educators, the process may seem shaky without reliable guidance.


Additionally, most schools do not have any IT support. In most cases in which we were involved in, administrators are teachers of history, physics or some other or principals, says Kamil Tarczynski, Google Workspace Solution Engineer at Devoteam. We are always here to help you go through this process and we know how to do it in a short and easy way.


Devoteam Cloud Services has a proud record of commitment to helping take educational institutions online.


With more than 10 years of experience behind us, we are experts in our field, and we’ve decided to provide our support for free to ensure that no child or school is left without help.


In the last few weeks, our inboxes have been overwhelmed with requests from educators and schools in a quest for our help and our team has been working diligently to reach out to every school that has contacted us and support them in setting up G Suite for EDU.


We helped more than 370 schools move to a new reality, adds Tarczynski. It’s always challenging for them since most schools don’t have budgets or the right people to do it. Google and G Suite for Edu are tools which can be configured with little help in less than 1 hour. And that’s it – you are ready to go with your lessons and materials.


In doing our part to help, we offered our services free of charge and assisted schools in making a fluid migration to the G Suite for EDU platform so that the education process may continue efficiently and comfortably.


At Devoteam Cloud Services, we know that change is inevitable. It’s what you do in the aftermath that makes all the difference.


Contact us here for our help on taking education online.