Devoteam: Trustly’s Trusted Managed Services Provider

E-commerce and online transactions require a great degree of security to gain and maintain customers’ trust and loyalty. Along with secure platforms to carry out online payments, customers value ease and convenience within the online retail experience that services like Trustly offer.



The FinTech company, Trustly, was founded in 2008 in Stockholm. The Swedish company provides an e-commerce payment system in the form of convenient online payments made directly from a customer’s bank account. With millions of online transactions behind them, Trustly has gained global recognition as a secure and straightforward platform for making online payments.

Problem Statement


With safety at the forefront of the online payment user experience, Trustly is no stranger to the value of cybersecurity. This is why Trustly enlisted Okta’s enterprise-grade identity management platform to safeguard and streamline the user experience internally.


Trustly’s forward decision to adopt the cloud was compounded and made smarter when it recruited Devoteam to help manage its Okta solution and offer expert knowledge in guaranteeing Trustly was getting the most of its cloud solution.

Devoteam’s Role in Trustly’s Cloud Journey


As an accomplished Managed Services Provider, Devoteam takes pride in helping businesses of all sizes boost their productivity and reduce IT costs, allowing them to focus on the core processes of their companies.


In the first steps, Devoteam conducted a free audit in January of 2020 to evaluate the efficiency of their identity management systems. From this assessment, the Devoteam experts were able to identify and further paint a clear picture of unseen pain points presented in the implementation and use of Trustly’s solutions. 


Devoteam delivered a report detailing the suggested steps needed to be taken and elements to be followed to achieve Okta optimisation.


After an initial discussion, Trustly accepted Devoteam’s MSP offer and together created a road map on the setup to be undertaken to fix the outlined pain points.


Early on in its cloud journey with Trustly, Devoteam proved its value and expertise with insightful recommendations that helped set Trustly on its desired path. 


On Trustly’s list of pain points were various troubles with its existing integration towards its LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). Together the two organisations devised a plan to address the different issues over time, a strategy that is still ongoing.


Consequently, previous problems concerning resetting passwords and users getting locked out of the system is a thing of the past with an improved LDAP integration.



Results & Outcomes


As an experienced MSP, Devoteam is dedicated to a proactive rather than a reactive approach when it comes to tackling a client’s challenges and problems. Devoteam serves as an extended admin to Trustly’s cloud landscape.


Now, when a user submits a request for help regarding lockout issues, they are met with speedy answers affirming the problem has already been solved.


Devoteam’s mission as a trusted Managed Services Provider to Trustly is to offer the right measure of support as Trustly follows the IT roadmap.


As a result of the successful cooperation, Trustly has introduced Devoteam to app owner groups so that it may benefit from enlisting Devoteam’s MSP offer to onboard and integrate with Okta.

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