Communicate better to reach your goals faster

Effective internal communication fuels your company culture and great company culture can be the strategic advantage that takes your company to the top. Getting your internal communication right all boils down to having the correct tools and processes in place to empower your employees and encourage collaboration.

Check sections for specific solutions:

is designed to bring employees, partners and collaborators around the globe closer together. Gmail and Calendar are comprehensible and easy to use email and calendar solutions. Communicate internally, and externally via video or chat with Hangouts, or through virtual rooms.


Google Chat


Teams can collaborate easily and efficiently through direct messages and group conversations on Google Chat. Track progress and follow up on tasks with the platform designed for effective communication. Use virtual rooms to facilitate projects and threaded messages to follow up on tasks and recall relevant information when you need it.

Google Meet


Rely on Google’s safe and powerful global platform to introduce secure video meetings to your business. As part of Google Workspace and G Suite for Education, Meet takes advantage of the same built-in protection to safeguard your communication with in-transit encryption. Connect any conference room to a video meeting in one click with Meet hardware. Designed with scalability and simplicity at the forefront, setting up takes minutes with all units managed online



Everyone on the same page- all the time. Share ideas, gather insights and create a productive community where everyone works towards a common goal with Currents. Engage in discourse about topics relevant to your company through posts and comments that remain accessible and can be easily recalled later.

Workplace by Facebook

Bring the front runner of social networking to the workplace.

Unite your whole organisation with familiar tools and help everyone in your business turn ideas into action. Introduce Workplace by Facebook, an internal communication platform.

Workplace helps you:


Connect with your partners or vendors
multi-company groups let you collaborate with people from any other business that uses Workplace in a safe and secure way


Be always up to date
news feed keeps you up to date with the most important things across your business as they happen


Find what you need, fast
search lets anyone within your business find people, groups, posts and files to get the answers they need


Stay connected to your tools
Workplace integrations let you share, preview and organise files

Take advantage of:


Instant messages
with Work Chat you can reach any coworker instantly with messaging, voice and video calling


Live video
it lets you broadcast to your whole business from any device with a camera


they help you share, make decisions quickly and keep your team on the same page

Work Chat can help with automating alerts in groups and taking care of repetitive tasks


Happeo logo

is the social intranet that lets you bring the value of everything you need to collaborate and communicate together on one platform. A boosted sense of context, unity for employees, and a platform for teams to cooperate more efficiently, are just some of the key benefits of Happeo.

Channels, Pages, People


Google enhances collaboration and communication in any organisation, and Happeo takes it one step further. With Channels, Pages, and People, you have all of your company’s important information, documents, news, and employees neatly organised in one place.

Made For Google Workspace


Happeo is more than just a Google Workspace compatible platform. The two used together, forge a new standard – a complete digital workplace, overflowing with collaboration possibilities.

Platform Overview


Happeo lets you:

  • create individual workspaces for your teams, to consolidate information on projects,
  • gather and showcase employee information, making it easy to spread and find corporate announcements, HR and marketing material,
  • improve social flows of information that can be shared securely with specific teams or groups.