Enhance monday.com with Okta

Okta recently released its yearly Business @ work report, and monday.com was one of the fastest-growing applications integrated by Okta customers in 2020. 

What’s in it for you?


monday.com is a productivity application that’s seen steady upward growth in use among its customers. With the masses working from home, the need for an IAM platform like Okta has also multiplied. Now, it is a priority for IT teams to secure remote workers while still maintaining ease of use of workplace systems. 



Together, you can integrate Okta with monday.com to receive the full benefits of SSO such as guaranteeing former employees’ loss of access to business plans, project boards and sales data on their last day of employment. 

If you’re already using Okta, monday.com is an excellent productivity tool you can utilise with your existing MFA policies, along with your other SSO applications. 



monday.com supports the option for Okta-only specific login, with the possible exception of Guest users. This is of course the optimal solution for any system containing sensitive information. 



With Life cycle management, you can efficiently automate both creation and deactivation of accounts. monday.com supports Just-in-time provisioning on the first login if you don’t wish to import all users from Okta at setup. 



Not enough? You can also save your IT team extra time by pushing Okta groups to monday.com. Drilling down, this means that you can use those Okta groups you have created for Sales, Marketing etc., and utilise them in monday.com.  This action leads to less repetitive work and users automatically belong to the right groups in monday.com, even if they change position within the company. 



monday.com can be even more efficient in alliance with Okta. Any Okta customer will succeed in their productivity with monday.com

Already an Okta or monday.com customer?


As a partner to both Okta and monday.com, Devoteam Cloud Services can help you integrate monday.com with Okta or the other way around. We can also help you learn and incorporate best practices and with the security aspects of your architecture. 

Reach out to us to start using OKTA!