Epic Solution for Epidemic Sound

Devoteam Cloud Services helps Epidemic Sound define its internal IT infrastructure as a rapidly growing company. Okta addresses Epidemic Sound’s security needs as a digital platform that prides itself on maintaining robust cybersecurity protocols that protect users and their data.



Established in 2009, Epidemic Sound is a global music-tech company on a mission to soundtrack the world. Their ecosystem breaks down barriers for everyone to create, find, and use music — allowing it to flow freely and fairly between creators and storytellers. 



The company provides content creators and storytellers with a library of over 32,000 tracks and 60,000 sound effects to bring their stories to life. Its innovative digital rights model paves the way for creators – everyone from YouTubers to small businesses to the world’s largest brands – to use ‘restriction-free music’ to take their videos to the next level.



From emerging artists to world-class musicians, Epidemic Sound enables them to thrive creatively and commercially — collaborating closely with each creator to produce album artwork and music videos that fulfil their artistic visions. Their curated library holds everything from Pop, Hip Hop, Soul, Reggaeton to Lo-fi beats.

epidemic sound

Problem Statement 


One year ago, Devoteam Cloud Services and Epidemic Sound initiated discussions of implementing solutions like OKTA, Google Workspace and GCP. The decision to go forward with Okta was made in May 2020. 



The company’s journey to implementing Okta followed the typical storyline of a business encountering rapid growth and needing a more robust IT system to support this. At the start, Epidemic Sound had limited human resources allocated to its IT department. 



The company was quickly outgrowing its internal IT infrastructure, and in this sort of scenario, Devoteam Cloud Services’ experts knew the implementation of Okta would be the perfect solution.



For innovative tech companies on the rise, Active Directory is no longer the commonly trodden path. Instead, solutions like Google Workspace take the place of a user directory. However, companies inevitably arrive at a certain point where they outgrow this interim solution. 



Epidemic Sound required the appropriate levels of scrutiny over which users had access to which information and insight into who would need access to what, when and for what purposes.  This necessitated the need for a sturdy internal IT infrastructure.



For Epidemic Sound, Okta has laid the foundation for its security systems. In addition to enhancing its security by enabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Okta became a directory for Epidemic Sound to keep track of each employee’s digital identity, the history of each user’s life cycle at the company, and which applications and systems an employee had access to during their history.



As Epidemic Sound encountered rapid growth, areas for improvement in their internal IT system quickly became apparent. Okta provided the services and infrastructure that have enabled the company to keep up with its fast expansion.


Process & What We Did


Epidemic Sound intended to go-live before summer 2020, putting Devoteam Cloud Services on a very tight schedule to accomplish the deadline. At first, the agreed-upon scope included eight applications in an attempt to keep within the timeline. Eventually, both parties decided it would be smarter to relax the deadline and wait until after summer, so the focus could remain on getting things done the right way.



Devoteam Cloud Services began by creating a basic setup of Okta. The great collaboration led to Epidemic Sound purchasing a Managed Services Provider (MSP) contract with Devoteam Cloud Services.



Unique to other services in the Devoteam Cloud Services portfolio, the Okta implementation process does not include end-user training.

It requires quite little. You log in, and you click; it’s very self-explanatory.”


Lovisa Stenbäcken Stjernlöf,

Okta Practice Lead, Devoteam Cloud Services



When it comes to training employees on how to use Okta efficiently, Devoteam Cloud Services offers pre-recorded communication short videos exhibiting lessons and best practices on how to get the most out of Okta.



On their end, we have internal champions who continuously want to achieve goals along the road map by adding applications, but for the more complex ones, we help them in the scope of the managed services contract.”



Lovisa Stenbäcken Stjernlöf,

Okta Practice Lead, Devoteam Cloud Services


Devoteam Cloud Services has sold Epidemic Sound the licenses for separate SKU’s, dependent on what the company needed and wants to achieve.


In total, the business has purchased around 400 licenses, and Devoteam Cloud Services has provided implementation projects related to the purchased license.



The initial pre-summer 2020 go-live deadline was tight, so after careful consideration, Epidemic Sound decided to slow the pace and extend the deadline to ensure total use efficiency. The aim was to avoid unnecessary stress for end-users logging-in before their summer vacation, only to have forgotten the process upon their return.


To give end-users a good experience with Okta right from the start takes careful planning and great cooperation between the customer and us.”



Lovisa Stenbäcken Stjernlöf,

Okta Practice Lead, Devoteam Cloud Services



Outcomes & Results 


Devoteam Cloud Services’ experts have stated that the corporation with Epidemic Sound has been a smooth sailing process. The Epidemic Sound team demonstrated flexibility with their deadline goals to ensure the best possible outcomes. Members of the project team at the company cooperated with a healthy attitude that helped make the process easy-going. The company has directly signed on for a Managed Services contract. It proves to the provider that Epidemic Sound prefers to continue a strategic journey together to achieve their Okta and internal IT goals.


The help from Devoteam has been excellent. For me, it’s important that the people involved in any collaboration are both skilled and enjoyable to work with. Lovisa and Henkjan from Devoteam check both of these boxes.”



Niclas Ljunggren,

Head of IT Operations, Epidemic Sound



Okta is now the central hub for the company, providing a centralised platform and command centre for admin and users. 

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