Google’s Tools for Teachers

Google offers many tools for teachers to continue everyday lessons, even when students are studying from home.


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Here are some of our favourites, with links to more information.


Google Classroom (for ages 13+)


Google Classroom is a must-have for all teachers. With this simple and intuitive tool, teachers can keep track of various classes, post content, and homework.


Students can hand in their assignments, see the teacher’s comments on their work, and collaborate with their teachers and classmates.



Expedition (for ages 7+)


With this interactive tool, teachers can take their students on diverse adventures. The Expedition application offers AR and VR functionality. Have students experience a beehive in their home, or take them to the Louvre!


Pick from many pre-created experiences or create your own. Expedition can be used with other Google tools, like Photos/Camera or Street view. Students can even introduce their friends to their home surroundings to make everyone feel more connected. Famous giants like National Geographic and Guggenheim have created immersive experiences you can also use in your classes.



Earth (for ages 7+)


For those who think that Google Earth can only be used by Geography teachers, think again. Culture, nature, and disciplines connect a wide mix of subjects in this amazing application. Let students visit new places and deep-dive into how people, processes, and nature work there. The globe functionality is combined with photos and additional information—perfect to use in your classes.


Where will you go next?



Hangouts (for ages 10+)


We will admit, this one requires both technology and some nice volunteers, but if you can manage it, it’s worth it. Use videoconferencing to invite industry professionals to talk to your class, independent of where they are in the world. With mobiles or tablets, professionals can take you with them to the most amazing places you might never imagine you’d see. From inside a zoo to strange labs or construction sites, the challenge is really only to reach out and ask questions and find someone to open their doors to you.


Take your students on a unique journey with Google Hangouts.



Digital Garage and Grasshopper (for age 13 and up)


Is coding a part of your class curriculum? Great! Here are two tools that will do the work for you (or at least help you out). In Digital Garage, you can find coding learning modules on any level, from learning what code is to more advanced stuff.


Grasshopper is an app to get newbies into coding. The app is user-friendly and your student will be encouraged by gratifications like virtual confetti. It’s available for Android and iOS as well in your web browser, so it’s easy to bring with you anywhere.



Google Scholar (for teachers and students from age 13 and up)


Google Scholar is Google’s hub for scholarly literature. In this one tool, you can search for articles, theses, books, abstracts,and court opinions from many publishers, repositories, and even universities. Google Scholar also ranks documentation, so you can easily find the most reputable sources.



Want even more inspiration?


Join the Facebook group for G Suite EDU teachers.


Find material and ideas at the Google for Education Teacher Center


What are some of your favourite online resources for teachers? Share with us some tips for our followup.

This article was written by Lovisa Stenbäcken Stjernlöf, Project Manager certified as a Google Admin as well as a Google Educator.

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