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640 scientists and students changing the face of medicine, thanks to the transfer to Google Workspace now cooperate without any restrictions.

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The Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology is a scientific institution – the only one in Poland – that conducts comprehensive research in the field of neuroscience. Every day, its scientists and students collaborate on international research projects, including ones within the European Union, and conduct conferences to disseminate knowledge about the nervous system and improve the quality of life.


The institute boasts 30 scientific laboratories, plus the Neurobiology Center with eight laboratories in operation. The variety of experimental works, insightful publications and the number of obtained grants make the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology PAS one of the leading biological institutions in Europe.



The Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology PAS approached Devoteam seeking help in implementing a cloud solution into their organization. Having Google Workspace implementations of similar nature under their belt further convinced Devoteam toward public sector institutions, including their successful implementation for 15,000 local government employees of Trondheim in Norway. Employees of the institute wanted a solution that would be easy to use and allowed extensive cooperation in building documents so that scientists could focus on the development of medicine instead of learning a new system.


The problems the institute wanted to solve, which the former infrastructure could not meet, were:

  • lack of drive space for storing messages accumulated on 600 student accounts and 307 lecturer accounts,
  • difficulties in arranging meetings – synchronization of calendars of several employees,
  • and inconveniences related to the regulation of collaboration across documents between studios.


Additionally, the client was keen to make changes by September to be ready in time to start the new academic year. This meant that the entire project had to be closed in four months.



After thorough enlightenment of the institute’s needs, Devoteam experts proposed a Google Workspace cloud solution. The offer included:

  • migrating data from a total of 640 accounts to the new system with attachments, account settings and saved contacts,
  • providing a collaboration tool available as part of Google Workspace (including, among others: Google Calendar and Google Documents)
  • and proposing cycle training for both tech support employees and employees less familiar with this technology.


The suggested solution had to be dependable for scientists working on new ideas in the field of neuroscience, but also easy to use for all employees, all without generating high costs.

“Devoteam’s training was very professional. Participants of these meetings do not send us technical inquiries at all.”


Piotr Redel, IT Specialist at the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology PAS



The project concluded after ten weeks, and the following two weeks after launching, Devoteam continued to support the client from a technical standpoint.

“Working with Devoteam as a Google partner had a significant impact on the speed of implementing Google Workspace. Earlier system changes took us even a year, and here we were able to migrate within a month.”


Piotr Redel, IT Specialist at the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology PAS

According to Piotr Redel, the most-used Google Workspace services are Docs, Calendar, and Google Meet. The most significant change afforded the possibility of sharing and editing Google Docs by employees across various laboratories, even in large groups. Previously, all changes were affixed as attachments, and information about which parts were subject to correction was documented in the body of the email. Now everything can be seen in the editing section.

“I have convinced many employees that Google Calendar has a lot of possibilities. Many scientific tools now have their availability marked on their calendar and are reserved for use at this level. Some employees have even agreed to opt-out of external services.”


Piotr Redel, IT Specialist at The Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology PAS

Problems determining the email addresses of external users with whom the institute works has disappeared – the system created by Google suggests everything.

The convenience is now in adding and removing employees from the system.

From the IT perspective, the biggest advantage of Google Workspace is the central management and use system. An account created in one system has access to all functionalities. You do not need to grant additional access, create separate accounts, and there is no need to re-log while using,” says Piotr Redel.

Work during the health emergency (Covid-19)

Implementing Google Workspace proved to be an excellent benefit for the institute’s preparation for remote work during the coronavirus pandemic. After the introduction of Google Workspace, the use of the VPN service was abandoned because Google security engineers secured the documents in Google Cloud. This meant that employees could have easy access from their home computer.


Video conferences between employees are more often planned and conducted with Google Meet. Meetings are automatically added to their calendars, which is no longer paper-based, so they can efficiently access it from home. Hangout chat, offered as part of Google Workspace is also becoming more and more popular.

“Before switching to remote work, employees could upload the files they worked on to Google Drive and work on them from home.”


We are thrilled to work with Devoteam. All the people we contacted were very knowledgeable and easily accessible, both via chat and email. Although the implementation took place almost a year ago, I can report to Basia, Kamil or Kacper today, and they will help me.”


Piotr Redel, IT Specialist at the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology PAS