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happy-socksHappy Socks was founded in 2008 by Viktor Tell and Mikael Söderlindh in Sweden. The company now has stores in more than 90 locations worldwide with its headquarters in Stockholm. Its loyal fan-base and international presence continue to grow with their vibrant and colourful collection of socks, swimwear
and underwear.

Global retailer, Happy Socks, uses Google Workspace (before G Suite) to stay connected, collaborate more efficiently, and innovate faster across locations around the world. 

Google Workspace users since 2018

        300+ Google Workspace Accounts

90+ countries 

In May of 2019, the IT team at Happy Socks reached out to Devoteam G Cloud to enlist their expertise in providing best practices for the use of Google Workspace collaboration tools. 


Before contact with Devoteam G Cloud, Happy Socks purchased licenses directly from Google. Hillary Talvik, Systems Specialist, soon found that users were experiencing issues with crossover functionalities between old and new software and required training for both admin and end-users within the company. 

In addition to their central Stockholm headquarters, the company opened a second office in New York in 2018, followed by a third office in Munich a year later. The expansion meant that collaboration was required on a bigger scale across different geographic locations while maintaining top levels of efficiency. 

Main Challenges


Users met frustrations of information silos and lack of traceability during the file-sharing process. Editing and sharing updates meant downloading a file, making changes, then re-uploading the file back in circulation. Even though Google Workspace enables collaboration and simultaneous work of multiple users on the same online document, Happy Socks employees continued using attachments.


Beyond the weak links in file management, some users found the transition between the old and new software difficult. 


Needing further training on how to get the most out of Google Workspace tools, the IT department contacted Devoteam G Cloud.

How We Helped 


In the initial meeting, Devoteam G Cloud presented their services portfolio, and it was promptly decided upon to move forward with the Google Workspace training. 

“They went Google Workspace directly with Google but realized they needed a premier partner with more value. We gave them training for admin and end-users, but also delivered Hangout Meet hardware conference systems. We are also helping them with Google Cloud Platform.”


Ronald Haagensen, Business Development Director, Devoteam G Cloud 

The ensuing workshop conducted by Devoteam Support Specialist, David Walker, took place on-site at the Happy Socks Swedish office. David analysed their transformation issues from Excel to Google Sheets and was able to show the team the best workarounds within a 4-hour long workshop.

“The training was very specific to the customer’s needs. They knew exactly what their issues were, and what they wanted out of the training. That makes it much easier for us to make our clients happy,” explained David Walker.

David trained three principal people during the workshop, including Systems Specialist, Hilary Talvik. 


The training centred around software migration, understanding integration across Google Workspace tools,  two-step verification, and understanding best practices overall.  



With a more in-depth standing of how to navigate Google Workspace and its collaboration tools, the IT department is confident that their teams have gotten better with file sharing and division handling, boasting a generally improved operation.

“We’ve seen a 600% increase in the use of Google Meet, and now I see it’s good to have it already, especially when extreme measures fall into place so fast. We recently had a videoconference with 160-170 in a call. It all works perfectly.” 


Hillary Talvik, Systems Specialist, Happy Socks 

Happy Socks now benefits from Google Workspace’s inclusive design and features that support and enable remote collaboration, allowing companies with teams spread across different locations and time zones to communicate with no restrictions or boundaries. 


The overall success of the Google Workspace rollout has been followed by Happy Socks moving forward with Google by implementing GCP’s Analytics, Stackdriver and Big Query for their e-commerce needs and customer-related processes.  

Google Workspace for SMB’s 


When referring to the benefits of an SMB going cloud with Google, Hillary Talvik added:

“We don’t want to have much infrastructural hardware, we don’t want to host our own websites…we’d rather let our partners who are good at what they do do that for us, so we can focus on what we do. Google Workspace has worked well for us, doesn’t take much time, easy to administer.”