If It’s Not Broken, Why Fix It? Nemlig Chooses the Right Tool

Migrating successfully to the cloud is not a journey for the faint of heart. For the decision-makers at nemlig.com, this choice was not made lightly. What started as an initial adoption of Google Analytics by their marketing team soon blossomed into a complete structural shift towards the Google Cloud Platform.



Nemlig.com has made a name for itself in Denmark as a leading online supermarket with the most extensive catalogue of organic produce. With more than 11,500 discounted and branded products, customers count on nemlig.com for easy and convenient deliveries.   

Problem Statement


Despite being an online marketplace, nemlig.com makes use of one major warehouse from which goods are transported to smaller hubs around the country where large scale operations occur daily. GCP’s Cloud Composer played an integral role in orchestrating workflows. However, the system’s efficiency was lacking, and the time it took to run workloads were significantly slow.


Cloud Composer helped create data and reports for managed performance-based and workload status dashboards made in QlikSense for the employees. Some workloads, which were crucial for employee performance, would initiate early in the morning, yet not finish in time for the employees’ arrival to work.


Concerned at productivity levels taking a hit, the initially proposed solution was to abandon Cloud Composer entirely and undertake an expensive self-development of a new orchestration system. The data department second-guessed whether the current setup was the right solution to meet their needs.


Fortunately, Matyas Manninger, Solutions Engineer at Devoteam, intervened at the right time. Matyas studied the codebase for two days and devised a plan; update Cloud Composer to work efficiently instead of switching solutions. The data team at nemlig.com were all on board with this idea and ready to implement.

“They had the right tool but were using it the wrong way.

It just needed fixing. It was so much more than tech stuff; we changed the culture and the strategy.”

– Anders Kring, Principal Consultant,

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