Inclusivity in the Workplace

It’s human nature to want to feel valued and accepted wherever we are, and the workplace is no exemption to that rule. Inclusivity in the workplace is more than just a gaining social trend; it’s a business asset and an inevitable key to a successful future in business. 

What does it mean? 



Where there are discussions of inclusivity in the workplace, the topic is usually preceded by and coupled with diversity in the workplace. More businesses are seeing the benefit of hiring a wide range of diverse workers. In addition to race and ethnicity, companies nowadays are welcoming individuals regardless, and because, of factors like age, experience, education, socioeconomic status, disabilities and cultural backgrounds. 



Modern companies intending to successfully market and sell their services and products to different markets globally know the value of mounting a diverse workforce.

Diversity is a breeding ground for creativity, and when creativity flourishes an inevitable by-product is increased productivity. The exchange of views and ideas of an assorted demographic representation produces various perspectives that lead to diverse solutions.



However, there’s a difference between tolerating someone’s differences and celebrating them. The defining component lies in an employee’s feeling of value.  When an employee feels that her differences are embraced at work, she is more likely to feel confident in her attributes and generate an elevated performance in her role.  Workers who feel valued may, in turn, feel more motivated and invested in their company’s goals, and companies can be sure to retain top talent. 

What is our approach? 



At Devoteam Cloud Services, we have always been dedicated to building a team of the very best. To assemble teams not limited by location,  age,  or any specific demographics, we expect our employees to hail from diverse backgrounds and various walks of life.



Our motto, #ForeverCurious, means we care about our employees and do our best to cultivate an atmosphere of inclusivity to ensure our employees’ opportunities for success and growth. 

To us, inclusivity means every employee’s voice is heard, and with every new voice that comes to our table, we are determined to work harder and smarter to be better and do right by each other. 



In our pursuit to continue creating an inclusive and supportive environment for our team members, our People & Culture department recently allowed all employees the flexibility to choose when to take designated public holidays. 



With offices in seven markets across the EMEA and APAC region and team members originating from a spectrum of nationalities and cultures, we want to give our employees the freedom and comfort to use the time off designated for public holidays at their own discretion. 


We rise to occasions of catering to all individual employees while ensuring inclusion.

Unconscious Bias



Despite best efforts, unconscious bias is the biggest hindrance to the pursuit of D&I. Subliminal stereotypes affect how people understand and engage with each other, and there is no easy way around it. 


At Devoteam Cloud Services, we are not immune. Where there might be gender and conformity biases in other settings, our People & Culture team is aware that our challenge is in an age bias.




We prefer skills over experience. Since we are a young company, our unconscious bias lies in doubts about hiring candidates older than our average employee, which seems opposite to the norm.


Emilia Gontarz,

Recruitment Manager, Devoteam Cloud Services




Our People & Culture team understands that unconscious bias can negatively impact our mission to hire the best. However, our Recruitment Manager implements due diligence in the hiring process to avoid making unconsciously biased decisions. 

With ‘Trust’ being one of Devoteam Cloud Services’ defining pillars, we believe that giving our employees the freedom to work from wherever they prefer cultivates confidence that encourages positive attitudes and approaches to the job. 



We know that keeping to a rigid 9-5 workday schedule isn’t the only answer to productivity and we believe our employees enjoy their autonomy in getting the job done. 

After all, we do our best to hire the best. Our goal is to give our employees the right atmosphere to be the best at what they do. 



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