Industry newsletter: Insightful articles from March

With tons of content created every day, it’s hard to find an absorbing article with practical tips. We found these articles insightful, we hope you will too.

1. Okta just published their Businesses at Work report based on the data gathered from their customers’ behaviour. Among others, it proves that higher assurance factors, like MFA, are rising. The report shows the increase in Okta Verify usage, from 78% last year to 82% today, and during the pandemic, it grew 184% between February and October in 2020. Read more. Read time: 28 mins



2. Do you have multiple spreadsheets and no idea how to include them in Google’s ML environment? Combining Sheets with BigQuery ML is possible, and it’s easier than you can imagine. Read more on Google’s blog. Read time: 4 mins



3. Did you know only 5% of companies’ folders are protected in the right way? At the same time, identity theft climbed during the pandemic. These are alarming trends, but being informed is the first line of defence. Read more in this Forbes article. Read time: 4 mins


4. Google released the open-source Model Search, a platform that guides researchers to develop the best ML models. Domain agnostic and adaptable, Model Search finds the best architecture fit for an assigned dataset with decreased coding time, workload, and resources. Read on here. Read time: 3 mins 


5. Women’s Policy Research recently examined the gender payroll gap. It concluded that the soonest women will receive equal pay is in 2059. Our partner Salesforce sets an example for the industry, ensuring equal pay based solely on the work and its outcomes. See how they do it in this article. Read time: 4 mins


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