Solutions For Education Sector

Do you want to unlock all the possibilities of taking education to the Cloud?


Devoteam has proudly partnered with the education sector technology leaders to support schools and universities (both public and private) in taking the learning experience as well as the admin processes behind it to a new level. We offer hardware and classroom solutions that augment the learning process and revolutionise the way teachers interact with their students.


We support almost 100 municipalities in the Nordic region (and over 400 schools EMEA wide) with solutions for the education sector. 

Check sections for specific solutions:



Moving to the cloud and not sure where to start? Chromebooks flourish in the school environment. They’re affordable, chock-full of potential, ready to use with no set-up, and secure. They’re user-centric, which means one device allows easy access among multiple users with zero risk and no maintenance requirements.


With heaps of useful and entertaining apps just waiting to be discovered, Chromebooks are the key to releasing students’ potential and creativity.


Want to keep your hardware, but wish you had the cloud computing capabilities of a Chromebook? CloudReady is a software solution created by Neverware. Based on a Google Chrome OS, it transforms any type of computer to a Chromebook device.


Built on the same open-source foundation as Google’s Chrome OS, CloudReady delivers the Chromebook experience on PCs and Macs up to 9 years of the manufacture date. CloudReady provides an affordable and easy way to deliver the experience your students and teachers want, on the hardware you already have.


Our team has extensive knowledge in implementing Salesforce in educational institutions. We cover the complete student life cycle from recruiting, enrollment, advisory, research project monitoring to alumni management.


Education Cloud is a CRM based set of solutions that enable institutions to drive student success across the life cycle from prospect to alum. It includes Salesforce Platform, EDA (Education Data Architecture), Recruitment and Admissions, Student Success, Advancement, and purpose-built products like Salesforce Advisor Link.


With education technology solutions for recruitment and admissions, student experience, advancement, alumni engagement, and institution operations, your campus can come together to create personalised experiences at scale using one integrated CRM. With Salesforce, you’ll gain a complete view of your students and constituents across the lifecycle, deepen relationships, and drive student success. 


Our team has comprehensive experience in implementing Salesforce in educational institutions. We understand higher education and make it easier for an institution of any size to become a connected campus and drive stronger 1-to-1 engagement with students and corporate partners. Contact us to discuss your needs, challenges, and get Salesforce for your institution.


Skolon is a unique service – find, access and use all of your educational tools directly from one place and with one password. Skolon helps you easily manage licenses from different distributors, move licenses between classes or individuals, and gives you the tools to manage all teachers’ and students’ data.


Since every tool in Skolon is fully integrated and synced, all your students are grouped into their classes and study groups. Everything is prepped and ready to use, with no administration for the teachers. It’s as simple as one click. Everything you need in one place, to save you time and administration.

Classroom And Creativity


Google has long been a leader in building the best tools for educating the world’s children.


Chromebooks are the best-selling education device in the US, and there are 60 million users of G Suite for Education. While this marriage of hardware and software has created one of the most beneficial learning tools out there, it’s the ecosystem of apps in the Chrome Web Store that has transformed the way children learn.


Collectively known as the Creative Apps for Chromebooks, three particular apps stand out: Soundtrap, WeVideo, and Explain Everything. These innovative and collaborative apps will expand learning possibilities in the classroom. We can’t wait to see what the students will create!


Soundtrap allows you to make music online. You can plug in your own instrument, use the software instruments available in Soundtrap or just record a song directly from your computer microphone.


WeVideo is a powerful and easy-to-use cloud-based collaborative video editor. It includes a green screen, special effects and speed controls.


Explain Everything is a unique screencasting interactive whiteboard app.