Managed Services: Changing Health Supported by Devoteam for Their Google Cloud Journey



UK based digital health platform & programme service provider, Changing Health, focuses on equipping everyone with a chronic condition with digital support that works, no matter who or where they are.


Their expert team leverages digital technologies to provide people with access to the right care at the right time. 

Problem Statement


Changing Health needed a partner who could oversee, maintain and scale their architecture in Google Cloud to deliver their digital behaviour change platform and put in place robust processes for maintenance of their Terraform Code and Disaster Recovery procedures. 



Help Changing Health to design and to improve their architecture, maintain their Google Cloud environment and provide best-practice advice with future improvement projects. 


Run disaster recovery rehearsals to maintain a high level of readiness to be able to recover from different disaster scenarios, from full-scale to individual resources. 


Develop backup and restore strategies for more efficient recoveries and build playbooks for restoring different services or adding additional resources. 


Assist scaling their environment to meet their capacity requirements and regional presence.





Devoteam’s Emil Engfors as Technical Account Manager, Jason Quek as Lead Cloud Architect, Abel Szabo as DevOps Engineer helped to onboard Changing Health as a Managed Service customer, by running an initial investigation into how the system was built. Based on that investigation, Devoteam proposed a list of monitoring and alerting KPIs and created active monitoring to alert Devoteam support staff. 


Devoteam also helped to define key metrics such as Recovery Time Object, and Recovery Point Objective to harden the recovery of such an important application, as well as putting into place backup and restore procedures.


Also, Devoteam understood the need for security in such an application and put in place security audits to ensure that information does not get leaked.


Devoteam also set up a disaster recovery process and rehearsal schedule to practice recreation of the application in the event of any disasters that took down entire regions, or if there was a product-wide failure.


Devoteam acts as a managed service provider for Changing Health, to advise on architecture and take steps to optimise their environment continuously.



Outcomes & Results

“With the use of Terraform, the architecture is very flexible. We’re able to recover specific parts or the full production environment in case of an outage, or we can create a brand new one for Changing Health if they would need it.” 

“By rehearsing a disaster recovery scenario regularly with the dev team, we’re able to keep the process up-to-date and make sure all required steps are covered. If we then need to recover a lost environment, we already know what to do.” 


-Emil Engfors, Technical Account Manager, Devoteam Cloud Services



“We enjoyed working with Devoteam, who supported us as a Managed Services Partner, and helped to ensure our Google Cloud environment is secure, available and scalable.


Our ability to bring up full replica instances of our environment within minutes with minimum costs allows us great flexibility and confidence in testing and recovering our platform as it grows alongside a fast-growing company.”  


-Tim Omer, CTO, Changing Health