Migrate from AWS & Azure to GCP

Migrate for Compute Engine (formerly Velostrata) is a tool that migrates VM’s from on-premises data centers, AWS, or Azure into GCP Compute Engine.


It gets enterprise applications running in Google Cloud within minutes, while data migrates transparently in the background.


With Migrate for Compute Engine, enterprises can validate, run, and migrate applications into Google Cloud without rewriting them, modifying the image, or changing management processes.

How we can help


Before you migrate, you need to set up a migration environment. To save your time and effort our certified cloud experts can help you prepare a landing zone.


Together with your team we will set up a migration environment that includes network configuration, a migration manager to coordinate migration, configuration for your source platform, and cloud extensions as a destination-side conduit for data storage.


We’ll make sure you design and migrate in a cost optimized scenario.

Our training


The possibilities coming with cloud computing are limitless. This constantly evolving environment challenges us to stay informed with the newest knowledge. Learn more about our trainings.


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