Moving to the Cloud: Reitan Convenience Sweden’s Journey to Google Cloud with Devoteam

Prevailing in competitive and evolving markets in the digital age effectively is directly dependant on the agility of a business.


Today, business agility is synonymous with API driven interactions. To be able to interact programmatically is what has caused an explosion in applications on the internet.

Project duration: Ongoing





Reitan Convenience Sweden operates a total of 2,758 convenience stores under the 7-Eleven and Pressbyrån brands in the Nordics.


Reitan Convenience Sweden has been a Google Workspace customer of Devoteam Cloud Services since 2011, and has been using Google Mail, Sheets, Docs, Slides, Meets and Drive to power better collaboration throughout their business.



Problem Statement 


With the help of Devoteam, Reitan Convenience Sweden has transformed into an API-first company, by syncing their master data from their on-premise systems into Google Cloud. Previously, their on-premise systems communicated via file-transfer methods which are often unreliable and error-prone.



Scope, Process and What We Did


This approach enabled Reitan Convenience Sweden to build applications, such as their mobile e-commerce app, their public-facing portals and intranet, based on this master data API. At last count, there were more than five applications connected to the API, instead of relying on file-based transfer.



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