Navigating the Office In the Era of Covid-19

In the last few months, what is considered normal has changed a handful of times. While the pandemic has caused many changes, it most mostly acts as a catalyst for trends already present in today’s society like telehealth, online learning and remote working. In response to the pandemic, a global work-from-home mandate has forced hordes of workers out of the office and into a hybrid way of working. 


Many have asked the question: how long will this new way of working last? 

And the experts have weighed in: the workplace is a social system. Without the face-to-face interactions that working in an office presents, the sense of belonging, commitment to achieving company objectives, and the ability to focus on work for the long term will diminish. 



Jobs that cannot be performed remotely comprise about 60% of the workforce. Additionally, workers have been slowly returning to the office, but not without the imposition of new health regulations to minimise the spread of the virus and maintain the safety of employees. Offices are now operating under limiting conditions like maximum occupancy rules where no more than half or even a third of employees may occupy the space at any point in time. 



Despite the limitations, working from the office is making a comeback. 



Employers who aim to maintain positive office culture amid all the change are searching for solutions that are up to the times and designed to generate efficiency and success. 

One office tool that markets itself as ‘everything you need for the office return’ is Robin. This workplace software is designed to bring confidence to employees as they return to the office during and post-pandemic times. This software allows offices to reopen safely and provide an elastic method that fits each team working at the office.



The Robin software leverages workplace analytics to make resource management and scheduling easy and efficient. Employees can book available desks, reserve meeting spaces and navigate the office without uncertainty.



With social distancing now at the forefront of many processes, Robin makes planning and managing workstations simple. Interactive office maps present employees with a real-time perspective so workers can check the availability of devices and spaces throughout the office all without the need for a spreadsheet. 

Robin’s compatibility with everyone’s favourite apps means enterprises need not incur extra costs to incorporate and use Robin fully. Robin integrates with apps like Slack, Google Calendar, Microsoft Office, Zoom and Exchange via iOS and Android devices as room displays so everyone can navigate the office efficiently. 



Workers can use the office with ease by booking or reserving desks and meeting spaces in advance, from home or on the way.



Devoteam eliminates the planning blindsides of coming into the office with a Robin powered workplace.  Employees know beforehand the number of persons intending to be in the office on any given day of the week. They can plan their office hours and reserve meeting and conference rooms accordingly. Workers can even make reservations for offie allotted parking spaces with Robin, so time wasted each morning looking for an available parking spot will be a nuisance of the past. 

Looking to implement a smart booking engine for your own office? The experts at Devoteam can help you create the right Robin set up to achieve optimum office operation.