New announcements from Google Next ’19

Reviewed and explained
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Last week’s conference in London brought to us a lot of expected and also a few unexpected news. After coming back to our desks, we’ve investigated all the important aspects of newly released features. Here’s our selection of the latest Google Cloud’s announcements:

Kuberrnetes and Anthos

Migrate for Anthos

Migrate for Anthos is now available for everyone. In a few words – it allows you to move and convert workloads from almost any source (on-prem, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Compute Engine).

Once migrated, you can place them in Anthos or Google Kubernetes Engine to modernize your application in one go.

New and improved Network Intelligence Center

Introduction of Google Cloud’s network monitoring is a big improvement for complex cloud solutions, such as multi-cloud or hybrid cloud. When using it, you can easily visualize the insights of your network, monitor the operations and connections between your resources.

NIC also includes additional modules like Performance Dashboard and Firewall Metrics & Insights. All that for making the migration and post-migration under constant control.

Explainable AI

Quoting Google Cloud: “Explainable AI is a set of tools and frameworks to help you develop interpretable and inclusive machine learning models and deploy them with confidence.”

Useful application of visuals in the development and deployment of ML and AI solutions. Build-in What-If Tool helps you investigate model performances for a range of features in your dataset, optimization strategies, and even manipulations to individual data point values.

Google AI deployment

New Security tools for Google Cloud and G Suite

A set of improved capabilities to maximize the control and security of data and processes. We want to highlight the External Key Manager, which allows you to exclude your security key codes outside the Google Cloud environment. Also, Packet Mirroring is a tool to collect and inspect the traffic within your environment. Integrations with third-party tools make it possible to proactively detect threats.

Full list: External Key Manager, Key Access Justifications, Cloud Armor WAF, Packet Mirroring, and Advanced Protection Program for G Suite users

Brint Your Own IP

Bring Your Own IP

BYOIP is boosting up the migration of enterprises to make it fast and flawless. As one of the pioneers using this feature, Google introduces Bitly – the popular link shortener from New York. Bitly had long wanted to move to the cloud and build a multi-region architecture, but before the BYOIP, no other cloud provider could help them.

Choosing Google Cloud resulted in minimized downtime and a significant reduction in networking infrastructure costs for maintaining their public IPs.

BONUS: Improved and exposed Smart Compose feature to Google Docs

The power of Google Assistant has been fully unleashed for Google Docs. Click the mysterious “Explore” button in the bottom right corner of your Doc to activate.

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