Optimize your GCP workloads

Change is the only thing that is certain. The Google Cloud is an ever-evolving offering with new functionality, discounts, and products being introduced all the time.


Monitoring your GCP environment for cost optimization does not have to be difficult. An efficient cost management process is one of the key factors for successful cloud adoption. This includes:


  • resource planning
  • cost estimation
  • cost budgeting
  • cost control & optimization

As one of Google Cloud’s largest reselling partners, Devoteam is uniquely positioned to help you find cost savings, design long term commercial contracts with Google Cloud, and set up cost center allocations—just to name a few.


Being pragmatic, we recommend starting with a cost optimization workshop to assess your GCP environment(s) and cost control processes. Within one to three days we will prepare set of actionable recommendations around:


  • Building cost visibility (folders, naming and tagging convention)
  • Building cost analytics (BigQuery, custom invoicing)
  • Building cost control (budgeting & alerting)
  • Building resource automation and scaling
  • Building data life cycles
  • Leveraging Google’s pricing model:
    • Per-Second billing
    • Sustained-use discounts
    • Custom machine types
    • Rightsizing
    • Committed-use discounts
    • Preemptible machines


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