We live in the cloud
It’s fair to say that our team of experienced and certified cloud consultants love Google Cloud Platform.


They enjoy the big projects they are working on for our clients but, as it is often with passion, it exceeds their regular daily tasks.


Our team is often involved in workshops, trainings and lectures on Google Cloud Platform.


We share these projects here.

Facial Recognition for video conferences
Using the Google Video Intelligence API, Google Vision API, Google Speech, OpenFace Face Recognition, we have built a solution which can be trained to recognize our employees’ faces.


With the new functionality from Google Hangout Meet, which can record meetings to Google Drive, Machine Learning is run to understand who was in the meeting, what was said in the meeting and then saved to BigQuery and presented as a searchable report.


This is especially useful for creating minutes and easily retrieving recordings to recall what was said in the meeting, and who said it as well.

Google Slides Translation
Slides translation is a Google Slides add-on which will look for text elements in all slides in the presentation and translate them in-place into the language of choice.


Currently this functionality is not implemented in Google Slides, so it makes it easier for users to translate an entire presentation with one click.


Simple and elegant. Try it out!

Slides Translation Add On
GCP Workshops with Avalon Solutions
Trainings and workshops
Expanding expertise and knowledge is even more fun if you can share it! Our engineers attend cloud community meetups, lecture, organize trainings and deliver all kinds of workshops (even for Google and their consultants).


Learn how you can JumpStart your Cloud journey in GCP.

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