Our Partner Year in Review: A Summary

We at Devoteam Cloud Services are proud of the successful partnerships we’ve formed with leaders in the world of tech innovation and data security. This year has brought with it tremendous change, and we’ve seen our partners rise above the occasion by altering and improving their strategies and offers to meet the shifting needs of clients. 

Okta identified the need for organisations to maintain robust levels of security with a dispersed workforce and offered a six month free trial period for organisations that required strengthened security and provided easier access to end-users to work from home.


In support of the mantra ‘the show must go on’, Oktane20 Live was broadcast as an entirely virtual event that reached thousands of attendees around the globe who tuned in to foster networking opportunities and the latest advancements in identity, security and digital transformation.

We’re happy to see Okta’s focus to grow in the Nordic market and are happy to be an important factor to them. We see an increased interest for Okta from other parts of the Devoteam group and are looking forward to elaborating and expanding our partnership in 2021.


– Lovisa Stenbäcken Stjernlöf, Services Manager, Devoteam Cloud Services

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, we do our best to keep our finger on the pulse of the most advanced developments in Google Cloud products so we can deliver the optimum tools and services to our customers. 


In alignment to deliver flexibility, utility and simplicity, Google announced Google Workspace; formerly known as G Suite. As we reimagine the workplace and how we collaborate, Google Workspace is here to help workers everywhere collaborate safer and easier. 


The introduction of Anthos, Google’s hybrid cloud and multi-cloud solution has provided enterprises to build, run, and manage from anywhere safely and consistently. Companies see the benefit of modernising their applications and are smartly doing so with Anthos.

Anthos is picking up steam, and enterprise customers see this as a path to move to modernise their applications, and become cloud-native on a hybrid multi-cloud. Google has a great focus to help these companies in this future.


-Jason Quek, CTO, Devoteam Cloud Services

When it comes to acquisitions and expansions, Salesforce has taken the reins by acquiring Slack and will integrate deeply to provide companies with a unified platform to connect employees, customers and partners. This new interface will be the face of transformation for how users communicate and collaborate within their workflows. The goal is to enable companies to succeed in a digital working environment.

“This new acquisition promises tremendous benefits in the way people communicate and connect across every Salesforce Cloud ad we’re excited at the possibilities in work transformation.”


– Julia Djurfeldt, Head of Salesforce Practice, Devoteam Cloud Services

Okta, Google and Salesforce have shown exciting initiative and continue to prove their places as leaders in their respective fields.


We at Devoteam continue to be inspired by our partners and their ingenuity that aligns with our own mission to continue solving challenges with clients in their cloud transformation.