After Polygon went Google in 2013 they are implementing new functionality and developed the way they work with G Suite.

Polygon is the European market leader in property damage restoration. Since the company went Google in 2013, G Suite has worked as a catalyst for their journey towards cloud-based technologies. It has provided a safe base for developing and launching new solutions.


Polygon’s employees are highly mobile, working in the field to help customers prevent, control and mitigate the effects of water, fire and climate. Spread throughout 13 countries, across three continents, G Suite supports Polygon’s way of working far afield. The strategy behind this is written into the Polygon brand model; to use technology to fulfil the promise to their customers: Always by your side.

Doing IT themselves – and redefining IT support


As the Mobile Solutions Manager at Polygon, Jessika Palm has been a part of the team since the company went Google in 2013. “We are not stuck in old fashioned systems or complicated models that must always be maintained or updated,” says Jessika.


With G Suite the IT department’s role within the organisation changes. Instead of constantly responding to issues and reacting to user problems, the department can now spend its resources exploring new technologies. As Jessika puts it:


“I believe the core of IT should be to find needs and requirements from the business, and then suggest efficient IT services that solve those needs. Our job is also to manage and refine the existing solutions. With cloud based solutions there is so much more we can do on our own.”

Jessika Palm

Continuous development and increased functionality of G Suite


The G Suite environment provides everyone with email, calendar, storage, chat, video conferencing, and so much more. It looks the same on every device. The experience is so intuitive that Polygon’s employees are always exploring the Apps on their own to solve everyday needs.


“We try to take advantage of everything that is included in G Suite,” says Jessika Palm. “When we find a business need we always consider how G Suite can help.”


After working in G Suite for almost three years, Jessika is always amazed by the continuous development and increased functionality of G Suite.


“Working with cloud based solutions is so much fun, hassle free and you are up and running in no time at all”, Jessika Palm says.


New cost efficient video conferencing


One example is the fairly new Chromebox for Meetings. A video conference solution based on Google Hangouts, devices are easy to setup and can be centrally managed by Jessika’s team. Employees have found it incredibly easy to use, external partners can now join video conferences with just one-click. Polygon’s management has applauded the deployment of Chromeboxes as a cost-effective tool to improve communication within the organisation. So far Polygon has setup Chromeboxes in all their meeting rooms in Sweden, Holland, and Austria.


Lessons learned going Google


Avalon Solutions has continued to be Polygon’s cloud partner since the successful implementation of G Suite three years ago. With cloud technologies every-changing, Avalon has helped Polygon stay on top of the cloud.


“Avalon Solutions is a cloud solutions partner that can give us advice and help us find solutions and perform integrations, they are a great support to us,” says Jessika Palm.


Three years ago Avalon Solutions provided Polygon with the expertise to best rollout G Suite. With its breadth of experience as a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Avalon Solutions’ role as a partner is not only in cloud technology, but also in understanding how people will respond and use these technologies.


Jessika remembers the implementation and what they could have done differently. “Device Management and Security should have been added at an earlier stage. Some resistance could be noted when we implemented for instance Device Management with policies such as screen lock passwords and encryption for Android Devices. We should have listened to the advice from Avalon Solutions, or they should have persisted. It is harder to add rules and policies later. Not due to the technology, but to people.”


Today Jessika and her team continue to work with Avalon Solutions to maximize Polygon’s investment in G Suite. The two companies are currently exploring an opportunity to integrate Google Calendar with an application employees use in the field.


Plans with Android for Work


Another technology that Jessika Palm is implementing in the organisation is Android for Work. Polygon has chosen Android as the OS for their mobile platform, and Android for Work will help administrate the solution.


“Android is the most versatile OS”, says Jessika, “and it is also the most compatible with G Suite, and that made it the obvious choice.”