Salesforce provided Quinyx with a platform that fulfills the needs of sales, marketing, and management

In 2014 Quinyx choose to implement Salesforce, and let go of their former CRM system. They needed a scalable CRM to support their rapid growth, and a platform able to transform and develop with Quinyx.


Quinyx is a fast growing software development company that offers Scandinavia’s leading Workforce Management system. Amongst their customers are a vast diversity of industries for whom efficient workforce time scheduling is a crucial factor for success. Customers cover a vast variety of markets and include well-known brands such as GANT, Axfood, McDonald’s, ICA, SATS and Humana.


Today Quinyx is present in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Britain and will soon enter the German market.


Johanna Petersson is International Marketing Director at Quinyx, and part of the management team. Johanna is a strategic marketer, and known to use the most modern tools on the market.


Johanna has been awarded for her work and presence in social media. As a strategist she looks for solutions that can efficiently support her company and its plans for the future.

A modern company requires modern tools

Being a SaaS company themselves, Quinyx knows how important it is to work with the most innovative solutions on the market. They must maintain momentum and stay ahead of the competition. Two of the solutions Quinyx have chosen to fulfill those criterias are Salesforce and Google Apps for Work.


Salesforce is not our core business, it is not what we do; Salesforce supports our business and is an invaluable tool in the exciting journey and transformation Quinyx is on right now, says Johanna Petersson, International Marketing Director at Quinyx.

“Salesforce has something for everyone in the organisation”


Quinyx works with their customer and prospect base in Salesforce. The marketing team feeds the sales team with qualified leads, and the sales team has a common platform that supports their sales processes. Management gets intelligent dashboards and reports that tell them how the business is progressing,and gives them knowledge to make the right decisions moving forward.


“Salesforce has something for everyone. For marketing, for management, and of course for the sales people.”, says Johanna. “Putting those parameters together our company has a strong platform to work in together.”


New employees up and running in no time


To have Salesforce as a common platform has given Quinyx greater visibility and closer collaboration throughout the entire organisation. When Quinyx appoints a new salesperson or establishes itself in a new market, Salesforce accelerates the learning curve and gets everyone working sooner.


“We try to keep it simple,” says Johanna Petersson. “It is important that the team feels that it is easy to work in Salesforce, and at the same time we can get the information we need to make intelligent decisions.”


Quinyx does not have a specific resource working solely with Salesforce, instead they have Salesforce super users that meet and discuss future improvements. These super users also educate new users and advocate for Salesforce usage throughout the company.

Culture, transparency, and involvement enhanced by Salesforce


Culture, transparency, and involvement are important values for Quinyx and those are enhanced by Salesforce and the way Quinyx works in Salesforce. For instance: marketing dashboards that show how marketing initiatives are progressing in real time creates transparency around sales campaigns.


I have learnt that when everyone can easily follow how our marketing initiatives are performing towards the goals we set up, each person will get more involved and take more personal responsibility, says Johanna Petersson.

Smarketing collaboration in Salesforce


Johanna is all for marketing and sales working as a team instead of in silos. Salesforce makes that possible, without the need for excessive meetings.


“One thing that I do, that has brought sales and marketing closer together as a team, is how we use Campaigns in Salesforce. For the marketing initiatives we always set up goals, included members, and what we want to achieve. How the Campaign is evolving can then be seen by salespeople in marketing dashboards. This makes everyone feel very involved and make them engaged and focused on the goals.”

Why the need of a good Salesforce partner?


To implement Salesforce is one thing. You have a fantastic toolbox that you can start using. But if you are unsure of what you want to do, you can quickly get overwhelmed by the possibilities. A good partner helps you scrutinize your processes to make them smarter, and give you advice on how to set up the system so that it becomes a proper solution. They don’t do everything you ask for without questioning. With a partner like Avalon Solutions we were up and running more smoothly and quickly.


A partner is very important to really take advantage of all that Salesforce can offer, says Johanna. There is plenty you can do, but a partner that take your ideas one step further and cultivate them is invaluable.

Quinyx future Salesforce vision — it’s all about the processes


For the future Johanna sees even more processes coming to life in Salesforce. Her vision of creating the whole customer journey in Salesforce will focus on giving the highest added value to customers and prospects.


Automation is important to be efficient, professional, and successful. Quinyx has set up a range of rules that start different workflows, making life easier for Johanna and her team.


To have a system that gives me as a marketer this amount of insight is of great value when I consider strategies for the future.


Soon we will have created an amazing journey in Salesforce that will make our customers and prospects feel even more taken care of.