Relieve your Corporate VPN, Ensure Business Continuity

Corporate remote networks and VPN’s were not designed for everyone to be connecting from remote locations or home at the same time.


The excessive load on corporate servers can make it difficult to access your emails, files, and other resources needed within the company network.

In recent weeks a lot of businesses have seen access to their networks and resources being denied, unavailable, or unresponsive.


Devoteam can help you ensure that communication continues to flow through with G Suite.

G Suite

How we can help:


Most office workers rely on email communication in their day to day. Companies which have access to email configured via VPN or other on-site solutions can easily hit their capacity.


To ease the load on servers, Devoteam can configure split delivery or dual delivery of your emails to Gmail. Additionally, we help configure the G Suite platform and create the digital identities necessary for you.

Split delivery of emails helps reroute emails for select groups of users so that those that need access to the VPN can continue using it while others access their mail from their home Internet connections.


With dual delivery, messages are delivered to a Gmail inbox and to a non-Gmail inbox, allowing your employees to receive and reply to emails from both the corporate network and public Internet connections. Emails are forwarded between both systems. For companies with archiving solutions, the non-Gmail inbox can be an archiving server.


In a few days we are able to redirect your emails in Dual Delivery on Gmail. Their responses will automatically be rerouted to your infrastructure.

Email delivery setup in Gmail

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