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Working and learning remotely have become more common. Sometimes it is required by the type of profession or a role one has, or life circumstances.


Or sometimes it can be caused by a public health emergency.


We are experts in remote work, collaboration and communication. We enhanced the learning experience for thousands of students with our cloud-based tools and applications also enable learning from home.


On this page we share our knowledge, experience and tips that will help you stay on top of things from the comfort of your own home.

Learning from Home

Sometimes going to school to attend classes is simply not an option. It can be due to many different factors, but the challenge stays the same: how to make sure your child can continue their education at home and learn using a laptop or a tablet?


As a parent, you don’t want your child to miss anything or fall behind in their lessons.


As a teacher, you want to provide valuable material, interactive tasks, and make sure you can actively engage with your students and guide them desired results. What’s more, you want to build relationships with your students but also foster connections in their peer groups.


We collected tips, ideas and instructions on how to make online learning a valuable experience that can replace or enhance the standard on-site classes.

Learning from Home – Resources

Google’s Tools for Education (with links!)

How we can help

Working remotely has become the reality of many companies today and the current situation raises many questions and concerns:


  • How to you ensure the productivity of your teams
  • How to rapidly deploy the right tools to distributed employees
  • How to stay connected and ensure business continuity

With Devoteam’s 10+ years of G Suite experience helping 3000+ companies, we are uniquely positioned to help you and your teams work from home. Whether you’re a teacher, an office worker, or a manager, we invite you to discover our “Productivity with G Suite” offers.


Staying Connected with Chat and Meet


Relieve Your Corporate VPN, Ensure Business Continuity


Educate Your Teams, Ensure Remote Productivity


Rapid Deployment to the Cloud


Secure Your Cloud With Okta

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