Secure your cloud with Okta

Whether you know it or not, every organization is a software company. Teams are requesting new cloud applications faster than IT can secure and deploy them.


Whether these are corporate-sanction or shadow IT applications, employees working from remote environments present a unique challenge for IT and Security teams.


Even in crisis, security should be top of mind.

Securing your critical applications by adding enterprise grade Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a simple, yet effective solution. Adding contextual behavior scanning and automated lifecycle management of users is even better.


At Devoteam we use Okta to safeguard our employees’ identities.


Okta is the most complete access management platform for your workforce and customers, securing all your critical resources from cloud to ground. Devoteam can help your team roll out Okta in a matter of hours.

Okta Access Gateway

How we can help:


With Okta we can deliver a better end-user experience for all your applications, ensuring smooth provisioning and access management. Watch productivity soar even as a new layer of security is added.


Deploying Okta is a seamless experience, with over 6,000 pre-built integrations; and synchronizations to the most user databases (e.g. AD, Azure AD, and Workday). Devoteam can help you configure and deploy SSO and MFA for dozens of applications to quickly secure your environment, so that your employees can safely access their data anywhere and anytime (you want them to).


Our Support and Change Management teams are also ready to troubleshoot and help onboard end users with Okta. Delivering training, webinars and pre-recorded videos, your IT now can spend less time on educating users, and more time on critical tasks.


Access Management Security Audit


Our half-day audit can help discover critical applications and key integration points. We work with your IT, Security, and Compliance teams to identify how Okta can automate your workflows and serve as an access management platform. Devoteam can extend your secOps and make sure you are on top of your game. Book yours now.

For offer details and consultation please contact our experts.