Robin – scheduling for your office

Find and book the ideal room based on amenities, location, and more.


It’s a search engine for your office, complete with and insights to uncover conference room usage and optimize space.


Available on web, mobile, plugins and tablets.

Room Displays

Meeting room displays prevent stolen rooms

Bring branding and personality with background images and logos – it’s fully customizable, so you can make each room your own.

Customize meeting controls that match your workflow. Company-wide or room-by-room, decide which rooms need more privacy, check-in requirements, or impromptu meetings.

You can also:

  • Set smart work hours: Display screens dim during hours no one is around.
  • Lock down the display: Keep the app on screen and prevent unintended use.
  • Integrate with MDM: Provision and update hundreds of devices at once.
Robin Plugins

Google, Outlook & Firefox plugins for seamless transitions

A one click install to pull in space information from Robin into your native calendar including room size, amenities, and more for fast and efficient resource booking.

Robin syncs with your existing calendar systems —Google, Office 365, and Microsoft Exchange 2007+ (Outlook). With recurring meeting support and intelligent syncing, events sync to everywhere you need them, including room displays.

Robin Mobile Apps

Stay connected on the go with our mobile apps

Manage your personal and work calendars from one place, with smart notifications and location based reminders. Available on iOS and Android.

Book a meeting room from your phone and use calendars for stuff in your office without being tied to your desk. Finally, you can connect to the resources in your office from one place.

Filter by room size, location and amenities and much more. Robin only returns the rooms that match what you’re looking for, so you can get the right answer the first time. It’s part calendar, part office search engine.

Analytics – Room by room utilization

With over 100 KPIs helping to uncover workplace usage, Robin helps you power the work day with data, not guesses.


Get real-time answers to how the people, spaces, and things in your office work together.


  • Track popular rooms, equipment, and configurations
  • See utilization, peak usage hours, and meeting density
  • Report on average meeting length and attendee count
  • Automatically clean up “no-show” meetings
  • Locate underperforming rooms
  • Monitor your fleet of room displays
  • Busiest times and other trends show exactly how your office meets

Find and book the right room, with the right things, at the right time

Search for the right room based on what you need


  • Robin indexes the people, places and technologies that make up your office.
  • Filter by locations, amenities and room size to find the right meeting space for your next event.


Book a conference room from your phone


  • Book a meeting room without being tied to your desk.
  • Whether you’re traveling to a new office location or need to grab a room last minute, the Robin mobile app will help you find and book an available space in seconds.


Easily onboard your team with SAML/SSO


  • Use Okta, OneLogin, Ping, or any other SAML 2.0 provider to easily manage users.

Great looking schedules right at the door

Robin automatically updates

  • All robin apps are built so 9 out of 10 updates can be pushed instantly


Check-ins remove ghost meetings

  • Confirm the meeting took place with check-ins.
  • If nobody shows up after a set amount of time, the room unbooks itself.


Increase visibility, fight room “theft”

  • Eliminate double booking.
  • Keep the peace by having one place to show meetings.


Report room issues from tablet

  • Hear about issues before they become problems.
  • Get alerts when equipment breaks.