Secure, Trusted Data Protection

No matter how innovative your digital workplace is, you still need to secure your data and your teams’ work. That’s why we have Spanning in our portfolio.


Easy to use and intuitive.


No learning curve for admins; admins can save time by enabling end users to quickly find and restore their own data in a few clicks.


Contact us today so we can analyze your requirements and apply the right backup solution.

Fast recovery from ransomware and malicious acts: restore a file or folder from a last-known-good point-in-time snapshot, or an entire account with your file structure intact.

Simple cross-user restore: saves admins work and time managing on-boarding and off-boarding of users.

The enterprise grade security includes everything needed to protect you and your data. Unlimited storage. No matter how much data your organization generates, you’re covered.

Backup for G Suite

Spanning Backup for G Suite protects your data automatically, daily or on-demand. Its enterprise-grade backup and recovery capabilities protects your Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Contacts and Sites data from costly, sometimes catastrophic, data loss.

Backup for Salesforce

Protect the data your organization needs to thrive. If your organization uses Salesforce, do what Salesforce recommends, and use third-party backup like Spanning.

Backup for Office 365

Protect the data your teams use every day. Office 365 data can be vulnerable to ransomware attacks, so make it easy to recover with Spanning.

The temptation to use cloud services is obvious — “Store, sync, and share files with ease,” proclaims Google — but your data may not be as safe as you think it is without a robust backup solution for the cloud.


Although Google takes care of your files in a secure manner, what risks does the lack of a cloud backup system pose to your company? And how can you benefit from backing up data stored in cloud solutions like G Suite and Salesforce?


– Jimmy Jigmo, Area Manager (Asia),  Devoteam

  • Jimmy Jigmo
    Jimmy Jigmo Area Manager, Asia (Singapore)