Use the potential of your team’s emails

We Advocacy uses your employees’ email signature to amplify the organisation’s message.


It allows you to create a consistent brand image with unified signature structure and visuals.


Create and schedule campaigns, group your employees, and apply different signature banners for internal and external emails.


Create signatures with templates

Use the template library to create great looking professional signatures. You can also create your own template.

Add company information like address or website only once and simply apply to all signatures.

Pull employee information from the directory to easily roll out new signatures to all (or selected) employees.

We Advocacy Audit

Review current signatures

Audit feature allows you to view currently set signatures of your employees.

Detect signatures that are out of date or need changes.

Apply changes immediately to keep consistency.

We Advocacy Campaigns

Create and schedule marketing campaigns

Plan and schedule your marketing campaigns, like event invites, document downloads or holiday greetings.

Select the users that will participate in your campaigns.

Measure the performance of your campaigns, analyze views and clicks.

We Advocacy Different Signatures

Different signatures for internal and external emails

Set different signatures for internal (same domain) and external emails.

Communicate important company updates more effectively.

Promote recruitment campaigns or HR messages.

Use the space for internal news – award nominations, leadership changes, projects launched.