Customer relationships made easier

Understand and connect with your customers with Salesforce. Salesforce is the #1 CRM platform in the world –  a single, secure and scalable platform that is easy to customise as you grow your business.

Salesforce for Business

Devoteam aligns 3 main offers with the Salesforce Clouds:


Build & Deploy

Business and project support 


Change management training and support includes third-party app maintenance


Strategic consulting and tool expertise for the best solutions 



Prospect, plan, present and close deals the smarter way with Sales Cloud. Reimagine the sales process with the world’s leading CRM solution. Keep track of sales pipelines and use insights to forecast revenue and improve your overall sales strategy.



Service Cloud gives you a 360° view of your customer and empowers you to provide a smarter and more personalised omnichannel service to each customer on any device. The Service Cloud customer portal is a means of providing customer access to case by case status.



Marketing Cloud enables you to manage and automate your campaigns with powerful tools for all your email, social, mobile, and digital marketing needs. Cultivate one-to-one relationships with your customers with the world’s leading digital marketing platform.



Engage with your partners and customers and provide support and feedback where it matters most. Build trust and influence customer buying decisions with hallmark communities. Encourage discussion and collaboration among employees with internal communities.

Salesforce for Education

CRM for Educational Institutions


CRM is much more than a buzzy acronym that’s been tossed around the business and sales world for the past decade or so, and higher education institutions can also put it to use for recruiting, student success, advancement, marketing, and more.


C-R-M stands for “Constituent Relationship Management.” With a CRM application, there’s no secret formula. It directly manages most of your critical constituent information so you can see it all in one place. 


Without leaving the app, you can view contact info, follow up via email or social media, manage tasks, and track success metrics, among other benefits. 


With Salesforce, institutions can create a 360-degree view of their students and constituents by integrating data across all their different systems.


Simply put, Salesforce places the individual at its centre so institutions can create personalised experiences that deliver impact.


Trust, freedom, creativity.


These are the values ​​on which we build our missions, to help you provide great experiences for your customers and employees by using the best of technology. 


We take pride in working with companies that see themselves as innovators and creative problem-solvers. 


Each project we follow a set of guidelines that will ensure a smooth project and go live:

We hold your hand during your Salesforce Journey, but you have to make business decisions.

We aim to build a successful team with you, therefore we plan to engage the same consultants with you throughout the different project stages

We prefer to use standard SFDC features, over the custom code, so later you can easily scale your company and systems.

We explain our decision-making process, our experienced consultants will explain the logic behind the decision making so you can understand and feel comfortable with the implementation.  

Nothing is impossible when we work to help each other.