Ullensvang & Happeo:

A Case Study

Ullensvang Kommune is the 12th largest of the 356 municipalities in Norway, with around 11,100 residents. The vibrant metropolis prides itself on being an attractive place to live, work and start a business.



In 2017, Ullensvang Kommune made the jump to operate in Google Cloud and went live at the beginning of June. Since then, 1300 employees have developed their experience and cultivated a culture around working and collaborating in Google Cloud. In pursuit of merging three municipalities, Odda Municipality, Ullensvang Herad and Jondal Municipality, the decision-makers at Ullensvang sought the right solution to integrate smoothly with Google infrastructure and allow continued efficiency in the new organisation. 



In light of going Google, the municipality selected Happeo for its social intranet platform due to its seamless integration with Google Workspace. Three municipalities would converge with the ultimate goal of unison across the board. 

Problem Statement 


With three municipalities merging into one with no central platform for communication, the decision leaders were concerned about a culture clash. Before Happeo, each municipality had diverse established systems in place for knowledge sharing and communication. With Happeo, every member is certain to receive the right information at the right time to keep things running uninterruptedly.

Process & What We Did


It was more than just deploying a tool for them; we helped them with their entire digital transformation.”


Simone French,

Project Manager/Change Manager, Devoteam Cloud Services



Devoteam set up a Google Currents community for knowledge sharing targeted to ambassadors and helped transfer users’ communication methods from email to Happeo as their social intranet. 



Devoteam implemented user guidelines and missions to ensure users had guiding principles to enforce the best practices. 



Happeo was the ideal solution to establish the municipalities as a joint organisation with a single source of information and platform for effective communication.  



Additionally, the municipalities implemented Happeo as a social intranet for schools’ administration throughout the organisation.



With three municipalities merging into one, problems were expected, including the consolidation of separate systems that needed to integrate without any hiccups. One concern the decision-makers at the municipalities had dealt with the possible exposure of sensitive information. Happeo successfully addressed these concerns with first in class security protocols and data protection.



Outcomes & Results


Ullensvang is confident that using Google Workspace and Happeo in unison will support the new culture of sharing and collaborating it wants to establish with the merge. 


We choose Happeo because of its perfect integration with Google Workspace, and it supports our wanted sharing culture.”


Ole Jørgen Jondahl,

Chief Municipality Officer, Ullensvang

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