We are now a Certified Happeo Partner!

Our expert team members have aced the necessary exams and are qualified with certifications that make them product specialists, and we couldn’t be more proud!

Devoteam Cloud Services is excited to announce our successful completion of the Happeo Partner Certification Program. As implementers and avid users of the social intranet solution, we believe this certification will bring added value to our customers as we continue to strive towards digitising workplaces and empowering efficient collaboration and social networking.

Devoteam Cloud Services has been a great partner to Happeo, and we’ve been able to build a successful working relationship together with them since the very beginning. We’re very happy to celebrate Devoteam as one of our first partners to complete our Partner Certification Program — we hope it brings us both continued success!


– Perttu Ojansuu, CEO, Happeo

Happeo keeps employees updated and connected to all relative streams of information on a single platform. Google Workspace customers can enjoy the added benefit of seamless Happeo integration across the board. 


Want to ensure your workforce constantly has their finger on the pulse?  Sign up for Happeo with a trusted and certified Partner. 

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