What comes after Bronze, Silver, and Gold?

Google Cloud Platform’s new support model.
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Google has changed its support model for Google Cloud Platform customers. The three options that were available until June (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) are now replaced by two flexible options: Role-Based Support and Enterprise (Platinum) Support.


Here’s a highlight of what you need to know about the changes:


1. Old packages (Bronze, Silver and Gold) are not available anymore, existing customers will have to pick a new model


2. New, flexible support model divided into:

a. Enterprise Support (more information here)

b. Role-based Support


3. Enterprise Support (Platinum) is unlimited in terms of hours and number of contacts


4. Role-based Support offers a specific amount of hours that designated people can use to contact Google support, divided into three roles i.e. Production Support Role, Development Support Role and Basic Support Role


5. In Role-based Support you purchase a fixed number of seats, so only designated users from your team will be able to contact Google


6. Role-based Support can be enabled from the cloud console in just a couple of steps. More information here


7. Different levels of Support are followed by different pricing:

→Basic: is free and gives you access to articles and self-help
→Role-based: a seat in Development is $100/month and a seat in Production is $250/month. You will also be able to combine the seats you need for your business
Platinum (Enterprise): is a yearly commitment and the cost here varies as a percentage of your GCP services usage

What is our role in the new model?

With Role-Based Support, customers and partners will have several options.
You as a Google Cloud customer can always get support directly through Google, with billing tied to a partner sub-account. As your trusted cloud advisors, Avalon Solutions can , with appropriate project access, have a support role in your org to file cases on your behalf. Feel free to contact us for additional information.