What You Don’t Know About Cybersecurity Can Hurt You and Your Business

Cybersecurity is broad, which is why many people are unsure where or how to start when it comes to securing their data and business. 


After talking with our Identity Access Management expert, Lovisa Stenbäcken Stjernlöf, we’ve narrowed down some of the common misconceptions many people have about cybersecurity that could be causing more harm than they realise. 

Cybersecurity is less complicated than it seems.

Ensuring your data remains protected is a step in the right direction. Data can be powerful, and in the wrong hands, it can be devastating, which is why many organisations are choosing to implement robust security measures to protect their information. 

Platforms like Okta have taken the complexity out of cybersecurity and made it simple for users to access information securely from anywhere and on any device with fortifications like Single Sign-On, Multifactor Authentication and AD integration. 

Doing it wrong can be worse than not doing it at all. 

In light of this, companies make the mistake of adopting such platforms without the appropriate expertise necessary to implement these strategies successfully. 

In a best-case scenario, best practices may not be applied, or the chosen platforms are not used to their full potential. 

Worst case? User permissions can be granted inaccurately, risking irreversible or time-consuming lock-outs for authorised users or, even worse,  accidental and potentially risky access for unauthorised users. 

The best way to circumvent this is to implement security platforms with a trusted partner to guarantee your information is protected the intended way. 

Size doesn’t matter.

A common misconception shared by many is that smaller companies can hide under the radar for data breaches and cyber-attacks. This misconception has made many SMB’s the victim of breaches.

Our experts have found that smaller companies are more likely to be targeted by attackers than larger enterprises. Hackers assume SMB’s have less sophisticated security systems than their bigger counterparts, making them easier targets for successful attacks. 

Safeguarding your company and its data against cybercrime doesn’t have to be a complicated or expensive process with tools like Okta. 

Lovisa,  an expert in Identity Access Management,  understands the risk of unsecured data and encourages companies to adopt the appropriate cybersecurity strategies to safeguard themselves and their data against attacks, breaches, and human error with a trusted product like Okta. 

Millions of people use Okta everyday on their mission to securely access data from any device, anywhere. Cybersecurity has evolved from vandalism, to theft, to war and Okta provides a foundation for secure connections between people & technology. 

With features like SSO, Adaptive MFA, Lifecycle Management and API Access Management, Okta remains the smart choice for companies who prioritise data security. 

Learn more about how Epidemic Sound secures itself here. Reach out to talk about cybersecurity in your company.