Women in Cloud workshop

It’s no secret that the new tech industry is heavily dominated by men. Engineers, developers or IT teams’ leaders are used to discussing and making key decisions among themselves. It’s often hard, even for the most competent women, to be part of these discussions.


Can this be changed? Can women in IT be treated as partners and have their voice heard?


Avalon Solutions, together with Google Cloud and PwC,  is organizing a unique event – Women in Cloud.


During this workshop the female leaders of business in Poland focus on cloud technology, learn and exchange experiences related to working with men dominated new tech teams, as well as gain knowledge on leading the digital transformation in their companies. It’s a great networking opportunity for C-level managers, often facing the same challenges in their daily work.


Additionally, a special session by Wiktoria Wawrysiuk (responsible for Google’s #IAmRemarkable initiative in Poland) is included in the workshop’s agenda.


Magdalena Dziewguć

Head of Google Cloud (PL, CZ, SK)


Ula Leciejewska

Head of Google Cloud Channel, CEE & Russia


Ewelina Niewińska

Marketing Communication and Business Development Director


Anna Sieńko

Technology Leader for CEE


Joanna Kowal

Country Director, Avalon Solutions

Many times, also during private meetings, I heard the same story from top Polish women-managers. They described the challenges they face while working with male dominated teams responsible for IT area. It was never the case of bad intentions or lack of competency on any of the sides. It was rather a case of two different worlds that didn’t speak the same language. 


That’s why we’re organizing this event. Not only to go deep in the topic of cloud technology but also to equip our guests with the specific knowledge. The knowledge of how to use their skills, their women skills and turn them into a valuable asset in their daily work on the digital transformation. I’m grateful that Google Cloud and PwC share our vision and are involved in this initiative together.


– Joanna Kowal, Country Director, Avalon Solutions


Contact: Joanna Kowal, joanna.kowal@avalonsolutions.com, +48 503 555 771